Macerio: emergency heart surgery, appeal against ward closure

“This hospital is a valuable asset that needs to be preserved: Sicilians, protect this ward.” The call was made by the mother of a 12-year-old child from Macerio who underwent emergency heart surgery while on holiday in Sicily to prevent the ward from closing.

Appeal against branch closure

This is a public statement from my mother. Joyto save the Center for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery of Taormina (a department that the Sicilian Region would like to close), where his daughter Federica underwent emergency surgery for a ruptured ascending aorta. Two weeks after the operation that saved her life, she was discharged last Friday. The story of a 12-year-old boy from Maceria has penetrated the hearts of all Italians and left an indelible mark on Sicilian healthcare. The anxiety of the family members found solace, warmth and professionalism from those who greeted them at the moment when the thin thread of hope was about to break: “It was like death inside,” the mother admits, “but now Federica is healthy, thanks also to his exceptional endurance “.

Thanks to the medical team

Yesterday, on the day of discharge from the hospital (Friday, August 18, 2023), doctors and nurses made a video that they wanted to dedicate to Federica. The family will again stay in Sicily for a few days to subject Federica to the necessary post-surgery checks, then she can return to Brianza, in Macerio, where all her friends and relatives are waiting for her, eager to hug her again. her.

“Many thanks to the medical team of Dr. Sasha Agati, head of the Taormina KKPM, who formed a competent group that took Federica to heart and showed her so much warmth. We were not alone. This is real perfection. I also wrote to the mayor of Taormina because I know that he is fighting for the hospital, a center like this cannot be closed. We will do everything to keep it even when we return to Brianza. I sincerely thank everyone who supported us and thought that at this moment we discovered how many people love us,” emphasizes the mother.

The full version of the service will be published on Karate Magazine at newsstands from Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

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