Madame Sanremo after lightening her hair: blonde reflection, new look for the singer

madam singer
Singer Madam has decided to change her look – Photo: Ansa –

The singer posted a picture on social media to celebrate a great professional achievement and showed off her new look.

Since she made her presence felt on the Sanremo stage in 2021, Madame has played a prominent role in the Italian music scene, becoming one of the most influential singers. With each new song, his music and collaborations with famous Italian artists attract the attention of the public.

Apart from her powerful voice, Madam is distinguished by an unmistakable style and a bold personality. with tattoo, black hairs and looks eccentric, exuding a rebellious and authentic energy that captivates the masses. black hair has always been a distinctive element of the image of madamBut recently he started showing a slight change in the cut through pictures shared on Instagram.

Goodbye to the Dark Bob: Here’s the Madam’s New Cut

The latest photo posted by Madame on Instagram shows him with the same haircut he sported at Sanremo, but with some blond locks, This is the second photo in which the singer sports this new look, marking a significant departure from the past, when the artist from Vicenza always wore the same black bob. Not surprisingly, in the photo the singer wears a cap with the inscription “it’s time for a change” (“is time to change”).

madam hair new look
Madame shows herself with blonde hair – Photo: Instagram –

In fact, Madame started getting her hair cut just before San Remo. His participation in the festival coincided with the beginning of a new record eraIn which he chose slightly longer hair than before.

Indeed, in February, shortly after the end of the festival, Madame released her second studio album, “DearThis new work of hers has received praise from critics and the public and the photo with the new blonde locks was published by the artist to celebrate a record recognition that “Lamour” has just achieved: gold record,

This change in haircut appears to be part of a Gradual but significant change in his image,

Evolution of Madam’s image

In her early recording work and her first public appearance, Madame short hair And inconspicuous clothing, During her first Sanremo Festival, she often appeared on stage with her hair tied back, wearing rather minimalistic clothing and sometimes barefoot.

However, during the last festival, it seems that the artist has gone beyond the limits of his comfort zone. ,Francesca is a character who has always experimented with styles in clothes“, commented her stylist Simone Furlan during the festival.

Madame Sanremo 2023
Madame’s outfit in Sanremo – Photo: Ansa –

The costumes that Madam wore at this year’s festival were part of a StoryThe story of rebirth. Simone Furlan talked about the concept in an interview with Fanpage.IT, saying: “This is the story of a character who finds strength within himself and it becomes something else,

During the evening of the festival, it was possible to be present on the stage of Ariston actual development, During the evening of the singers’ performance, Madame entered like a warrior, dressed in a blue suit with embroidery on the “mimicry”. a strong and muscular body, a symbol of physical strength. During the evening, the singer gradually got rid of this armor, giving herself an increasingly feminine and ethereal appearance.

During the last evening of the Festival, Madame presented herself with a white lingerie set, from which glimpses of her body size may appear much larger than the cast we’ve been used to in the past. As stated by the designer, this dress represents a praise the power of womenprove it You don’t have to copy men to be taken seriously,

From dark to blonde: Other celebs who’ve rocked the look

It is not uncommon for many artists to change their hair color or cut their hair when starting a new phase of recording. In particular, some singers have made the same choice as Madame, switching from dark cuts to lighter cuts.

the first of these dua lipa, When she released her debut album in 2017, the singer gained worldwide fame with her iconic long and black cut,

dua lipa hair look
Black hair of Dua Lipa: incredible beauty – Photo: Instagram –

However, when he opened his second recording era in 2020 with the single “Don’t Start Now”, he surprised audiences with a new song. completely different cutHair: Platinum blonde on top and dark brown on the rest of the mane. it has becomespecialty hairstyle “Future Nostalgia” from the era, and was also featured on the album cover.

dua lipa blonde hair
Dua Lipa had blonde hair for a while – Photo: Ansa –

Other singers following this trend are katy perry, She also rose to fame with a black long haircut, but at the start of her new recording era, with the release of the album “Witness” in 2017, she introduced herself to the public. short blonde cutCausing quite a surprise among the fans.

Interestingly, after some time all these singers again reverted to their original hairstyle. Who knows, what Madame will decide to do instead.

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