Madame Web – Marvel\Sony Cinécomic will be an origin story

Madame Web, Marvel\Sony Cinematic, with Dakota Johnson, Sidney Sweeney and Emma Roberts, will be an origin story. This was revealed by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, one of the producers of the project.

the fate of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe It’s finally a relief to reach the hall Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, The animated film has indeed conquered the box office all over the world, bringing attention back to a cinematic universe that has now stalled – its last lines, morbius And Venom: Fury of the MassacreActually, he had not persuaded anyone. Next year, Expected will hit the theaters again madam webwho claims the presence of artists Dakota Johnson And Sydney Sweeney, As told by a producer, Lawrence of Bonaventurecinematic will expand but worth noting as told in the comicsPaves the way for a potential saga though.

Madame Web will reveal the origin of Cassandra Webb

madam web will follow the story of Cassandra WebbThe The first heroine to assume the identity of Madame Web, Blind and suffering from neurological deterioration, the young woman receives medium skill, which helps him discover Spider-Man’s true identity and overcome many difficulties. in the comics – where it debuts The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1created by writer Danny O’Neill and illustrator John Romita Jr. – though considered a minor characterAbout which little is known. because of this The creative and production team at Cinécomic decided to create an “origin story” of sorts.which introduces the character earlier than in the comics, as well as explaining the reasons behind his decision to become madam web – as he revealed Lawrence of Bonaventure for the microphone comicbook.comduring the promotional tour of Transformers: Awakening,

If you’re a fan of Spider-Man, you’ll love the character as you know him since the time of the comics. But there isn’t much room in the comics, so we decided Create an Original Story on Madame Web, We’ll meet her before she becomes the person we’ve been introduced to in the comics, and find out how she came to be the person she is, And I think it may be uncharted territory for historical fans as well.

An innovative approach, therefore, if it proves effective This would open the door for a possible franchise, In recent times, Sydney Sweeney He also revealed that he would be giving the body and voice to Julia Carpenter, the second Madame Web from the comics. The origin story on Cassandra Webb may therefore come to include a handover, paving the way for a second chapter in which the young star Excitement, with swinney and dakota johnson, we then get Emma Roberts – Who could play Spider-Man’s mother Mary Parker -, tahar rayam, adam scottIsabella Merced and Celeste O’Connor. madam web will hit the theaters from February 16, 2024,

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