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Maddox testifies against Brad Pitt in his legal battle with Angelina Jolie

Bad news for Brad Pitt (57) both personal and legal. In the endless judicial dispute that he maintains with whoever his wife was, Angelina Jolie (46) For the custody and custody of his children, now Maddox has decided to step up to support his mother and put his father aside.

Because if we all know that the actor’s relationship with his children has gone through very bad spells, everything seemed to be heading, but no. As reported by Us Weekly, Maddox has offered his testimony in front of the judge and has been anything but favorable for the Oscar winner. “His words did not leave Brad in a good place. He refuses to use the last name of the protagonist of ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’ and only uses it in documents that are official.”

In addition, the magazine also ensures that Maddox wants to legally change his last names And I wish I only used Jolie’s. A decision that her mother, Angelina, would not agree with. The ‘crux’ of the matter is that Brad asks for joint custody of the children, while the Maleficent actress wants physical custody.

Wow, she wants them for her, period. And of course, as the legal battle is already going on for four and a half years, the same publication ensures that Angelina is ready to take out the heavy artillery and could accuse Brad of “domestic violence”.

Bigger words that would make their legal battle even more complicated. “All the appeals that Mrs. Jolie has filed in recent months have been a strategy to buy time and harm Brad. This is so because the judge has rejected each and every one of them, “say sources close to Brad, who are very concerned about the mental health of the interpreter who is not going through his best moment after this hard setback of seeing how one of his children gives him back in court.

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