Maddy Burciaga: in the midst of controversy, JoeyStarr atomizes it on Instagram


Maddy Burciaga has been at the heart of a real bad buzz for a few days now after promoting a strange decorative object. Furious, JoeyStarr tackled the reality TV candidate, via a video that went viral.

When they’re not on set, reality TV contestants spend their days making product placements. Make-up, skin care, hair devices, slimming creams, clothing brands… everything goes! And decorative items have also become subject to advertising. A few days ago, Maddy Burciaga found herself in the heart of a bad bazz after having ensured the promotion of “fake books”, fake books imitating the covers of books related to haute couture or luxury. If some Internet users have pointed the finger at the price, others have criticized the fact that they are vulgar imitation of real beautiful books …

His promotional video was therefore noticed by the comedian Pierre-Emmanuel Jennar who decided to make a video to express himself on the controversy. The comedian therefore feigned a conversation with Maddy to answer him point by point. “Wait I don’t understand, aren’t you promoting fake books?” She says. Then the influencer explains that it is about “books which take again the biggest brands”, to which she answers “yes but, what is it for?”.

JoeyStarr unleashes Maddy Burciaga
The pretty blonde explains that fake books can “decorate your interior”. The comedian replies: “Oh no, it just shows that you can’t read […] You put your books in your closet, I imagine that at this rate you put your shoes in the fridge. […] I knew that the sun in Dubai was beating hard, but good 40 euros for two empty boxes, at that price you might as well invest in real books and support culture, “he concluded.

Pierre-Emmanuel Jenner’s video has gone viral and has been viewed over 1.2 million times! JoeyStarr who came across this famous video hastened to repost it on her Instagram account. “It’s not just the salmon that go against the tide. Dubai, the new destination for rednecks” wrote the comedian in the caption of her publication.