Madelaine Petsch Struggles to Give Herself Time off

Madeleine Petsch

The Riverdale actress says the busier she is, the less anxiety she experiences.

Riverdale actress Madelaine Petsch says she finds it difficult to take time off for herself.

“I don’t allow myself to relax. My therapist was explaining this to me. I have this (not a childhood trauma), but it is a type of trauma that basically makes you think that you always have to be doing something. So I feel like it’s something I have to work on, allow myself some downtime, “Petsch told Cosmopolitan magazine, reports

She says the busier she is, the less anxiety she experiences:

“The busier I am, the less anxiety I have. I really immerse myself in my work because I, this is maybe a little sad, I want to be someone else all the time. I want to give life to other people. And quarantine for me is like, ‘wow, I’m really just Madelaine.’ When you are always giving life to other people, I feel like I have to be everything to everyone. “

The actress also opened up about how she was “massively insulted online” by her Riverdale character, Cheryl Marjorie Blossom.

Petsch said: “People called me a bitch all the time. I cried in bed every night. I called my team and said, “I love my job, but this is difficult for me.” And one of my team members said, “Maybe you should create a YouTube channel and show them how silly and weird you are.”


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