Madonna, Dua Lipa, J. Lo: the stars of the Leo sign. video

Charmingbrave, loyal, generous. Often authoritarian and a bit egocentric. AND leader For determining. It is no coincidence that so many stars were born under the most stormy sign of the zodiac … It was there lion season: From Madonna, the lioness par excellence, through Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Markle and Dua Lipa, here are those who celebrate their birthday between July 23rd and August 22nd. Fiery summer for many celebrities!

celebrity lion

Daniel Radcliffe, born July 23, 1989, opens the Fire sign season. Former wizard Harry Potter, a newly-made father, will blow out 34 candles this year. Then click to Jennifer Lopez, date of birth July 24, 1969. J Lo, a gorgeous fifty-four-year-old man in better shape than ever, has also become the icon of lingerie brand Intimissimi. The years are just an option for her…

Actors, actresses and “royal” birthdays

Del Leone is also an actress Sandra Bullock07/26/1964, e Helen Mirrenalso July 26 but since 1945. Happy birthday white Jason Momoa, which celebrates its 44th birthday on August 1 (and the older it gets, like wine …). Among the “royal” birthdays Charlotte Casiraghiborn on August 3, 1986, and that of Meghan Marklewho blows out 42 candles on August 4th.

Ginger Spice, Madonna and Dua Lipa: all lionesses

She’s also a lioness ginger spice Geri Halliwell was born on August 6, 1972. Charlize Theron, August 7 turned 48 years old. Also in Leo season Kylie Jennerborn August 10, 1997, actor Chris Hemsworth, 40 years old August 11, and model Cara Delevingnewas born on August 12, 1992. Birthday in August also for Mila Kuniswho turns 40 on August 14. Leo (like his wife) too Ben Affleckwas born on August 15, 1972. The actress also makes toasts on August 15th. Jennifer Lawrenceborn 1990 Lioness by definition Madonna her birthday is August 16: this year she is 65. And in conclusion, one more lioness: the singer Dua Lipaborn on August 22, 1995, this summer marks her 28th birthday.

Happy birthday to all Lions and Lionesses!


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