Madonna, Rihanna, Beyoncé… ranking of the richest singers in the world (and assets of each)

There is a pop star who has made a lot more money than others through her music and investments. And it’s not Madonna.

Pop stars are among the most revered celebrities. With their music and messages, they manage to gather around them millions of fans from all over the world. They usually fight at the top of the charts to compete for the top spot with their latest single. Often, however, singers with the most successful songs are not necessarily the richest.

In fact, the income of a pop star is not limited to music and concerts. Many of them are active in fashion or beauty, other very prosperous markets in which they are often even more successful than in music. Not by chance, The richest pop star in the world hasn’t released an album in almost 10 years.

The richest singer in the world doesn’t seem to want to sing anymore

In the top 10 richest pop stars Al tenth place will be found Britney Spears. The princess of pop’s career has had its ups and downs, but her influence and impact on the musical landscape cannot be denied. Britney’s fortune is estimated at $250 million.

In ninth and eighth places, we find two singers whose net worth is estimated at 400 million dollars: Jennifer Lopez AND Streisand’s beard. Both earned this number through both music and other forms of entertainment, especially movies.

With her make-up line and other investments, Rihanna has become the richest pop star in the world (Photo by Ansa) –

WITH $450 millionin seventh place is inactive singer for many years: Victoria Beckham. Starting her career with the Spice Girls, Beckham has since become a successful fashion designer. It’s only now, almost 20 years after their last album, that there’s talk of them possibly taking the stage with four of her co-stars.

$500 million for Beyoncé and country queen Dolly Parton. Beyoncé started building her wealth while on Destiny’s Child and has since built it up through her musical successes, world tours, investments and collaborations with the biggest fashion brands. In addition to music, Parton has invested in several ventures, including her own theme park, Dollywood.

Conquer the podium, al third place, Celine Dionwith his $800 million. The singer owes her success almost exclusively to music and has been working as a full-time singer in Las Vegas concerts for many years.

Second place went to Queen of Pop Madonna with $850 million. He dominated the charts for decades and has shown an impressive ability to reinvent himself. In addition to her musical career, Madonna has invested in real estate and has an impressive art collection.

As expected at the beginning, richest in the world she hadn’t been a “singer” for several years. It’s about Rihanna, which gave fans countless hits and some of the most memorable moments in the history of pop music. But he has also been able to diversify his business far beyond music, investing in fashion and personal care. To date, its assets are $1.4 billion.

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