Madonna turns 65: 10 curiosities you didn’t know about

Record after record, hit after hit. Madonna she turns 65 today and continues to be the queen of the world of pop. American by birth from Abruzzo, Miss Ciccone anticipated fashion and trends between triumphs and excesses, immediately attracting everyone’s attention, starting with two singles “Everybody” and “Holiday”, which made her known on the musical Olympus.

Forty years of non-stop career – except for recent health problems – during which he undermined taboos and fought all sorts of battles, always in the name of freedom and equality. It is no coincidence that she continues to be the best-selling female artist of all time. This special anniversary allows us to follow Madonna’s journey: let’s find out 10 curiosities you probably don’t know about.

Echinisk Madonna

Among the many awards he received during his career, one cannot fail to mention the merits of the Polish zoologists Michalczyk and Kaczmarek Lukasz. In fact, Madonna has a small species of tardigrade named after her:echiniscus madonna. “It is with great pleasure that we dedicate this view to one of the most significant artists of our time,” words of two scientists.

An enviable legacy

The owner of dozens of sales records, Madonna was given the opportunity to expand her business and advertising empire. According to the latest estimates, inheritance it is valued at approximately $900 million. There are several valuable objects, just think of six houses scattered across the UK, and The Punch Bowl bar in London’s elegant Mayfair.

Forbidden video clip

Transgressive and never tame, Madonna for a song “Justify My Love” packed video clip too sexy second MTV. The broadcaster decided to ban it for too spicy scenes, including BDSM and lesbian kissing between girls.

The role of “Stolen” Whitney Houston

One of Madonna’s biggest cinematic regrets is definitely the lead role in the movie. “Bodyguard” Mick Jackson. The singer took part in the auditions, but they preferred to tie the production Whitney Houston.

Contract canceled for ‘religious reasons’

Madonna, in high demand with fashion houses, perfumes and so on, has seen an important contract disappear. Pepsi Cola for religious reasons. The video for his song “Like a Prayer” sparked furious protests from the religious world, forcing the multinational corporation to cancel a $5 million deal.

Retirement before success

A past as a cheerleader and plenty of odd jobs to fund her dreams, but her life before success has no shortage of oddities. Trying to make ends meet in New York, Madonna worked as a waitress at Dunkin’ Donuts, but was dismissed for throwing jelly at a customer.

Super Bowl record

“Vogue”, “Music”, “Like a Prayer”, “Express Yourself”: Madonna’s thirteen-minute performance at Super Bowl XLVI 2012 has gone down in history. In fact, it was the most watched halftime show of the National Football League Championship Finals, with 114 million viewers, even more than the match’s total viewership of 111.3 million. In total, its output has reached 47 million homes.

“Love” from Razzie Awards

From music to films, Madonna has received dozens of awards throughout her career. But he could easily do without the gods Razzie Awards, Oscars vice versa, i.e. awards dedicated to the worst actors, directors, films and songs of the movie season. Well, Madonna with 8 statuettes is the actress with the most Razzies. But that’s not all: he shares the record for most nominations received with Melanie Griffith and Demi Moore.

Omnipresent on the Billboard Hot 100

Madonna is very faithful Billboard Hot 100, the top music chart in the US recording industry. With ‘Popular’, co-produced with The Weeknd and Playboi Carti, the Bay City artist has placed at least one single on the charts in five different decades: Cher was the only one to cross the same finish line.

Passion for Tamara de Lempicka

In love with art in all its manifestations, Madonna was fascinated by the history of the Polish artist. Tamara de Lempic. among Art Deco attractions, so much so that she became one of the main collectors of his work. The kind of passion that drove the artist to feature works in music videos of some of his big hits; from “Open Your Heart” to “Express Yourself” through “Vogue” and “Sunken World/Substitute for Love”.

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