Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is 26 today and a model: here she is as she has become

She was very close to her mother at her darkest moment, there is a special bond between them, and the eldest daughter seems to have inherited much of her DNA.

Lourdes was the one who supported her the most during one of the hardest times (perhaps) its existence. She was cared for in the hospital, was very close to her and tried to be a reliable shoulder to lean on. However, this is not new, the relationship with mother Madonna always been very deep.

At 26, he is a constant presence in the life of the singer, they have strong and unbreakable bond. Known in Show Business How Lolamade his way into various fields, including fashion, where his career already seems to be on the rise. She was born in 1996 in Los Angeles from the singer’s relationship with a Cuban personal trainer. Carlos Leon.

She is the eldest and her name was given not by chance “church”, but for the sound it makes when pronouncing, the pop star at the time seemed perfect for that reason. On the fingers of his hand he tattooed Mother and do not upset dad imprinted dad with another. And in love? She’s got real gossip repellant, but we know she was one of Timothée Chalamet’s first loves They were classmates in high school, they had a little relationship.

What does Madonna’s daughter do? Lourdes got everything from her

sudden hospitalization Madonnas June 24 last year took everyone by surprise. She was rushed to a New York hospital for bacterial infectionwas immediately moved in the intensive care unit. Now his condition seems to be stable, he will recover. A strong blow just as he was about to leave with his holiday tour around North America and Europe. In fact, the first date was supposed to take place in July in Canada. Her daughter, Lourdes, who clings to her the most, he never left her for a moment.

Lourdes inherited a lot from her mother Madonna: she is already a star – (photo source on Instagram @lourdesleon)

They are connected a visceral attachmentthe singer dedicated to her Little Star in 1998 – from his hit album A ray of light two years after his birth. Lourdes is trying to follow in her footsteps and has proven her talents in different fields: she sings, models, dances and is an accomplished designer. His career started very early when Maisie let her sell her makeup line material makeup girl. There’s nothing she doesn’t do well winning mother’s DNA it was sent correctly.

In addition to publishing two music singles (lock and key AND contradiction in 2022), worked in various fashion projects including those signed by Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Swarovski and Mugler, and were testament to the Rihanna Savage x Fenty line. And then numerous covers from Fashion To Vanity Fair.

In Dionne Lee’s latest ad campaign, she was photographed by Carlota Guerrero with I only wear leather underwear, chains and boots to the thigh. Filming is part of the project Cage Chain on which the brand pays a lot of attention: “We want to highlight this element that links the bags and jewelry from the limited collection. The chain in the photo was made in Arezzo, Italy and is a true trademark.”

Lourdes on mother Madonna: ‘She was always one step ahead’

Dad – Cuban personal trainer Carlos Leon, Lourdes has five siblings. who she is very close to: David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, Mercy James, twins Stella and Esther and Rocco Ritchie. In fact, only the latter is biological, the rest were accepted. Unlike many of his colleagues, who would have taken the opportunity capturing some light from the spotlight, she chose to remain silent about her mother’s condition. He doesn’t like to be at the center of gossip and gossip and he wouldn’t even want to be on the front pages of magazines, so he tries always keep a veil of privacy.

Lourdes mentions his mom at the Grammys, red dress is a tribute – (photo source on Instagram @lourdesleon)

In a recent interview with Face however, he wanted to reveal funny joke from childhood: “As a child, I remember getting into trouble because I peed on some very important documents of my mother. He probably wasn’t paying attention, so I squatted down and let myself go. However, I’ve always been good. Education was very important to my family, I grew up with healthy values“.

For Lourdes, Madonna was a beacon, a reference point, her compass: “She has always been too ahead of its timeallowed many women to be emancipated, ”said Interview Log. So much so that at the last Grammy Awards, he wanted to celebrate her with a flaming red dress with cone cups it would be perfect for the iconic pop star. In fact, his mother wore it. historical bra designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier for the 1989 tour blonde ambition.

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