Madrid shared it on TikTok

Real Madrid’s TikTok account surprised merengue fans on Monday night by posting a video that featured merengue dancing Fictional chat and audio with Cristiano Ronaldo In it you can hear artificial intelligence simulated Portuguese voices.

Artificial Intelligence Creation

Al Nassr player’s voice and tone leaves little doubt and here’s why It’s almost impossible to distinguish it from this artificial intelligence creation (artificial intelligence). The white team shared the audio on their TikTok profile, It has been viewed more than 2.3 million times in total Less than 14 hours.

“Remember to be handsome, we are all handsome…”

“Hey, they told me you were still lying down and not standing up, You haven’t washed your face yet, you haven’t become handsome yet. Remember, you gotta enjoy life, remember you gotta get out there and let them see our faces a little bit and let them see what we’re made of, man. Have a nice day, have a very, very good time today, everything goes well.Remember to be handsome, we are all handsome guys But don’t be prettier than a bug, yeah!“.

Some users speculated after the release Real Madrid could be interested in Portuguese, who left the club in 2018 as one of its great legends. However, as he said, Ronaldo had just arrived in Arabia and it was impossible for him to return to Chamartin.

CR7 Hotels in Morocco are refuges for those affected

September 8th, last Friday Earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale The attack on parts of Morocco has now ended, Involving nearly 2,900 lives Dozens of buildings were destroyed and more than 2,500 people were injured. Hauz was the province worst affected by the earthquake.

There are thousands of people who are homeless or simply don’t want to risk their homes collapsing, so they are fleeing for shelter wherever they can. Erin Sexas, Spanish Being in Marrakech at the time of the earthquake, he explained that he managed to stay at the four-star Pestana CR7 hotel located on the outskirts of the World Heritage city: “The hotels were all the same. We had to come to new hotels.” Says the Marrakech area has more luxurious hotels. Now we have successfully found Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotelgive us a room in the suburbs,” he said in an interview with RTVE.

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