Maeva Ghennam (from Marseille in the Caribbean) share a new photo in a bikini-user, the the lynching


Maeva Ghennam is used to cope, and to the criticism of the users on the social networks ! If his history with Greg, his sentences are already cults on the canvas, his behavior in The Marseille-Caribbean or physical, the candidate is often taken as a target, on the canvas, but she always responds with humor to the critics, made, by those who follow him. Maeva Ghennam of Marseille, in the Caribbean sea, separated from Greg and he has a foul in the Wake of the publication of this photo is currently on holiday in Morocco and uses the stay in Marrakech for points in the swimsuit and enjoy the pool… By posting this photo on his account Instagram, the editors of melty revealing, below, the a candidate did not expect to receive such a wave of negative comments on his butt ! We will let you discover the cliché of the controversy…

With the unveiling, the sun, through the publication of a picture loved half of the back, Maeva Ghennam received many comments from users who make fun of your postlike this, the likés include : “Stop, kind of ‘I love the sun’, To vulg it has been understood that this image was made only to show, ton c*l”, “is Your ass bigger than Tunisia woulah”, “Photoshop” the ass”, “”… You can also the reactions of friends and reality-tv-Maeva Ghennam how Hilona or Sarah Martins, who have released literally, the silhouette of the applicant lighthouse Of marseille in the Caribbean ! In the meantime, discover of new, interesting information about Maeva Ghennam, it shows the video topless Sarah Fraisou of The Villa, the heart-Broken 5, the a huge enthusiasm on the social networks, the users still shocked by the images.