Maeva Ghennam (MAC) : This photo is sexy in a bikini the enthusiasm to the canvas !


A few weeks after a new surgery, aesthetic surgery, Maeva Ghennam posted a photo in a bikini on Instagram. And his new body has done, respond to the user in the masses !

Within a couple of years Maeva Ghennam has become a real star in reality tv in France. As Marseille Australia there is a little more than two years, the young woman had made, the decibel level fairly quickly in the villa. And since that first appearance on W9, Maeva is no going back on our screens. Since the 17 February that the bomb brown is back on the tv in the new season Marseille, from Marseille in the Caribbean. Already in the first episodes, so they had decided to get back on good foundations, Maeva and Greg declared the war. By the way, the young man has even done a call in a shaman to forget final. b.

Maeva Ghennam : fell in Love with her body, she proudly shows off !

If Maeva not all of this was at the start, you could say that you quickly forget his good resolutions at the beginning of the adventure. In the last episodes of the program, the trip to Mexico, Maeva succumbed to the charms of Allan, the cousin of Kevin, and now, Maeva and Allan are a couple officially. But in real life, things are a little more complicated. In fact, in the Wake of the episodes, you know that Maeva will put an end to his relationship with Allan, the pieces together with Greg. It is only now, several months after the shooting, not more work, Maeva and Greg are together.

While the user is nothing more understand of the love life of Maeva, today she has posted a new photo sexy in bikini on Instagram. If you have missed it, there are a couple of weeks, Maeva has suffered a new surgery, aesthetic surgery in Paris. In the hope of making new, a little more of his body, the Marseillaise, was offered a lipofilling and since then, it is not always say, to the networks that she is in love with his body ! Desiring to enjoy its numerous followers, which has done the last pictures of Maeva, respond to the user in the mass… What do you think ?