Maeva Ghennam: This rare photo of the star of the Marseillais which shocked the fans!


The young woman unveiled a photo of her when she was only a young teenager.

There is indeed a new year that made thousands of Internet users react. It is the one who brought together in Dubai several candidates of television reality including Maeva Ghennam. A beautiful evening, part of which was shared on Snapchat. Fans can thank Greg’s ex who posted this video where we can see her going crazy but also a drunken Nabilla wallowing.

But after the party, the brunette beauty’s mood quickly changed for several reasons. Her mother, who came for the end of year celebrations, will soon be returning to France. In addition, she learned that Manon Tanti had caught the coronavirus.

“I have seen Manon very often, almost all the time since I came to Dubai. I remember that on New Year’s Day, she had symptoms. She had a sore throat. After her husband, he sleeps. with her, he didn’t catch the covid. I’ve seen it all the time in Dubai, and I don’t have any symptoms. I’m in great shape, so I don’t think I have it. Now for to be sure of course today we are going to do a test. We made an appointment “, she reacted before leaving in a lunar explanation.
“Clearly, it’s almost 100% sure, I don’t have the covid. I would have necessarily had symptoms. In addition, I am O + blood type and Magali told me that when you were O positive you were not catching the covid. As long as you don’t have symptoms, you don’t have to worry. Since the time I saw Manon, I would have had symptoms. I see her every day Manon. But as a precaution, we will do the test “.

This is necessary to get the starting signal for the next Marseillais shoot!

Back in 2012!

The young Marseillaise almost offered a 10 Years Challenge to her community. Used to posting old photos to show her physical evolution, the starlet has made a real leap in time. Indeed, the bimbo posted on her Snapchat account a snapshot dating back to 2012. At that time, she was 14 years old and cosmetic surgery seemed far far away. An image that surprised more than one!

But in the space of a few years, Carla Moreau’s great friend has gone to the pool many times to rebuild her buttocks, teeth, lips, chest, botox injections …