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Magdalena del Mar: ‘Shakira’ led a band of ‘brands’ that fell after a persecution photos video nndc | LIME

A signal from Jeny Janet Dionisio Álvarez (35), alias ‘Shakira’ -from the car in which she was traveling- to her four accomplices who were on two motorcycles to intercept and assault a businessman, was warned by agents of the Division Investigation of Thefts of the Dirincri, who acted quickly and thwarted the robbery in Magdalena del Mar.

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As a result of the intervention, two policemen were injured after the collision of the detectives ‘vehicle against the gangsters’ motorcycles.

Police found two of the detained firearms.  (Photo: PNP)
Police found two of the detained firearms. (Photo: PNP)

The burglar detectives closely followed the criminal organization’s footsteps down Avenida Brasil and just waited for the right moment to act. Without firing a single shot, they reduced and caught the gang ‘Los Grafts del Penal, which would have as its leader’ Shakira ‘, who in 2019 was arrested for the crime of robbery aggravated with cruelty, and for the crime of manufacturing and possession of arms together with a band of ´marcas’ in Ica, for which he was interned in the Cachiche prison.

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Together with her they were arrested Jeyson Víctor Godoy Camacho (24), Walter Raúl Ríos Cervera (21), Kevin De La Cruz Miranda (23), Yerald Antonio Valdivieso Rojas (37) and José Eduardo Yanac Quispe (26) at the intersection of Javier Prado and Brasil avenues. During the personal inspection, the second named was found a Glock pistol with its respective barrel stocked, while the third was seized a CZ – B870380 pistol with its respective barrel stocked with 13 ammunition.

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As a result of the police intervention, the S3 PNP Richard Ñaupa Ñaupa was injured, with the diagnosis of a left hand distal radius fracture, and the S1 PNP Wildor Briceño Castillo resulted in a blunt wound to the face.

Detained with criminal record

The detainees have a large criminal record, said Colonel PNP Carlos Soller, head of the Dirincri Robbery Investigation Division. Gerald Valdivieso Rojas files complaints for aggravated robbery in 2013, a crime of common danger in 2018, illicit drug trafficking in 2014 and 2015. Jenny Janet Dionisio Álvarez has a record of aggravated robbery with cruelty in 2019 and a crime of manufacture and possession of arms of 2019.

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In the case of Walter Ríos Cervera, he registers complaints for the crime of illicit drug trafficking in 2019, 2020 and 2021, as well as for the crime of manufacturing possession of weapons in 2021 and aggravated theft in 2019.

Kevin Cristian De La Cruz Miranda has complaints for illicit drug trafficking from 2015 and 2020, for the crime of aggravated robbery of 2028 and for robbery of the same year.

Jeyson Víctor Godoy Camacho also has a record for the crime of illicit drug trafficking in 2016 and 2017, aggravated theft in 2016 and 2017, and aggravated robbery in 2017.

José Eduardo Yanac Quispe was arrested in 2020 for illicit drug trafficking, and for the crime of manufacturing, possession of weapons in 2017, 2019 and 2020, and for aggravated theft in 2017.

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