Maiara e Maraísa and pagodeiro Rodriguinho plays on the anniversary of the Best – 01/02/2020


To be held on Sunday, 2 in a night club in Paris, France, on the anniversary of the 28-year-old I it will be good for the Brazilians, to the sounds of the country Maiara e Maraísaand pagodeiro Rodriguinhowho presented the project “the legacy”, where she sings on the side of the Tabs and Mr Dan.

In addition to the attractions, and the column of the Leo days and found a few of the guests at the party. Matheus Mazzaferathe ex-BBB Munik Nunes and at the top Izabel Goulart They are secured in the celebration.

In addition to these well-known, a lot of friends in the star model, unknown to the public – who spent the new year’s eve with him in the state of Bahia, which are already up to on the way to Paris, France.

In accordance with the theme of a YOUTUBE Sport, and the guests a recommendation were to go out dressed in white. The matter has also said that the cast-members of the team, the CLUB is all about the guest, as a friend of the surfer of the Best, and Gabriel Medina.

In fact, I just got to celebrate, because the game as early as next Tuesday. He’ll play, way wear the Jersey of PSG against Nantes away from home.

*With the help of Luke Pasin