Maissane (MAC) : your photo in a bikini, the the minds of the users of excite


While you have just landed on our screens in episodes of the Marseille, in the Caribbean, the pretty Maissane already a lot about you in the social networks !

This is the event of the month of February : the start of the Of marseille in the Caribbean. And already in the first episodes, the understood candidate of the program, entertain the spectators. In the first episodes, the candidates of the programme were to make a short stopover in Dubai, to the knowledge Maylone, son of Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia. As you know, after a pregnancy, complicated birth of their sons, who have decided not just the two in Marseille, not in the filming Of marseille in the Caribbean. However, it should be young parents, in the next season for the cross !

After Dubai, the Marseille the direction of Mexico flew. In Tulum, the oldest of which is from Marseille, met the anonymous of the season,. If you have missed it, this year, several new Marseille joined the cast. Think of OcĂ©ane El Himer, the sister of Navy-El Himer, Allan Breaks, the cousin of Kevin Breaks, is the offspring of the jaguar. To see the sparkling Victoria, Nicolas, the best friend of Benji’s eyes, or Maissane, the young all-rounder.

Maissane : as sexy as ever on Instagram !

Already in the first episodes, the beautiful Maissane found himself in the midst of the tangles. So she had decided to seduce, the Greg at the time of his arrival, when he, finally, into the sight of Nicolas. But to see a date, the BFF of Benji eye has decided to become closer to Oceane. If the clashes, which have already the episodes of the Marseille on the networks, the beautiful Maissane make constantly a talking point. By the way, last night his picture in a bikini has to react much on Instagram. I have to say that the young Marseillaise really cannon ! What do you think about that ?