majestic!Lionel Messi reaches 65 free-kick goals in his career

When you commit a foul outside the penalty area, it’s a red flag Lionel Messi. The Argentinian star has the arc etched in his mind and with just one glance he knows where the ball is going. With his superb shooting skills, he has scored 65 free kick goals. crazy! .

65 goals scored against Ecuador At the start of the Conmebol qualifiers 2026 world cupMexico, Canada and the United States will host the World Cup within three years.

In the 78th minute, the Argentine shot a few precise steps: the ball followed the expected route and arrived at the meeting point with the Nets on time, but the opponent’s goalkeeper just followed the flight with his eyes.

with a gem Messi As soon as he scored the goal at Memorial Stadium, he received a warm ovation from the fans, because at home, Messi Being respected shows that it still has a level to consider Lionel Scaloni.

but back to Messi As well as the goals he scored from free kicks, the fact is that this is not his best ability, nothing more, nothing less Diego Armando Maradona Former strength and conditioning coach Fernando Signorini reveals he helped La Pulga perfect his technique argentina national team,

“I started walking to where Diego was and at that moment I saw Leo receive the ball and put it in the left corner of the area facing the goal in front and the ball moved up and to the left, three meters each side. Then inside O turned around and with a clearly annoyed, angry gesture, he turned and walked towards the dressing room,” Signorini said in an interview. sixth.

Maradona entered the scene and said to Leo: “I heard Diego’s voice: ‘Leto, Leto, come on, daddy, come on’. He took him away, they talked to each other and in that moment the world It all seemed to stop. He passed the ball.” In the same place, concluding a few words in a very fatherly way, he told her: “Listen to me, when you get the ball, don’t be so Get your feet off her feet because otherwise she doesn’t know what’s going to happen.” There’s no “You have to treat her any way you want. You have to make her understand what you want because she’ll understand.”


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