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make the Met gala relevant in pandemic

After a year and a half of hibernation, New York will once again claim its leading role on the global map next September. The urban prayer will begin from 8 to 12, with the celebration of its fashion week before a fully vaccinated public, and will finish on Monday the 13th at the Met gala. Then, the most famous staircase in the city, the Metropolitan Museum, will once again welcome photographers and celebrities to inaugurate the new exhibition of the Costume Institute. Of course, this time those celebrities will be less and younger than ever.

The reduction in the number of lucky people to make the walk has to do with the impositions of the pandemic and will mean a cut of almost 200 people. In addition, the delta variant keeps the United States closed to the inhabitants of the European Union. If it continues like this by mid-September, at least a third of the usual names will be dropped. The rest is up to the woman who pulls the strings of the exclusive party, Anna Wintour, in charge of approving or rejecting each of the guests and responsible for the success of the appointment.

Although the final list of attendees is a top secret until the last moment, the ages and profiles of the hosts (as well as the menu, for the first time vegan) give an idea of ​​the new target that the almighty publisher of the Vogue American: Timothée Chalamet (25), Billie Eilish (19), Amanda Gorman (23), and Naomi Osaka (23). An actor who plays on the red carpet to break gender stereotypes, the favorite singer of generation Z, the poet who went viral at the inauguration of Joe Biden and the tennis player who opened the debate on mental health in sport. Characters with speech, very much in line with the paths taken by the proposals of the newest creative New Yorkers. Three honorary chairs complete the picture: for designer Tom Ford, Instagram director Adam Mosseri and Wintour herself.

Behind, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian and, in front, Jennifer Lopez and Donatella Versace at the 2019 gala. Photo: getty images

From the United States to the world

The exhibition that justifies the sarao, In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, It will open to the public on September 18, but it will be only a first part of the climax that will arrive in May 2022 with a second exhibition (and a second party), In America: An Anthology of Fashion. Both curated by Andrew Bolton, pulling history will focus on making visible and supporting local fashion, after a few tough months for the industry that have been especially primed with independent creatives. The theme will mark the dresscode and justifies the Ford chair. That of the director of the social network is also easily explained: Facebook and Instagram will sponsor the event, guaranteeing more attention than ever to social networks.

According to Page Six, This year, regulars like Sarah Jessica Parker or the marriage of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady will not attend. Instead? For example the tiktoker Addison Rae or the youtuber Emma Chamberlain, both 20 years old. In an unexpected swerve in 2021, Wintour has decided to turn to the stars of the networks, surrendering to the influencers with the same speed (little) with which he threw himself into the arms of digital. So far his highest concession to the guild was in 2019, when he gave in to invite four popular YouTube creators. This time there will be more, count on Page Six the disgruntled agent of one of the actresses who stays out: “I have been told that there are many influencers on the guest list. I have heard that Facebook and Instagram have taken several tables and that has discouraged many, along with the mandatory nature of the mask ”. The new profiles and the mask, but also the evolution of infections or the decision by some celebrities If you don’t dress up for a party right now, you will change the landscape on the colorful carpet.

The restrictions on the entry into the United States of citizens of the European Union represents a significant cut in the list of invited VIPs. Photo: getty images

This party presents Wintour with several challenges. On the one hand, there is no doubt that it seeks to give an image of return to normality and serve as a lever for American industry, but it also needs to interest the global public and raise funds. The achievement of the first objective is guaranteed by the chauvinistic theme of the evening; the last two go hand in hand. The Met Gala is one of the most media events of the year, but it is also the main source of funding for the Costume Institute. At a rate of $ 35,000 per place setting (about 29,700 euros) and between $ 200,000 and $ 300,000 per table, in one night they can raise more than $ 13 million. That disbursement, which comes from companies that are in charge after inviting celebrities, came to a standstill with the arrival of the covid and is now eagerly awaited in an institution whose finances were already leaking before the crisis. This time nothing can fail.

The gala, which turns 75, is a golden dream for any marketer. It has been organized by Wintour since 1995 when she took over from the socialite Patricia Buckley and each year it supposes supreme reach and diffusion for those present. Celebrities and brands. Everything, in addition, surrounded by an attractive aura of exclusivity and with the ‘good roll’ that the good cause grants, to finance the Metropolitan’s dress institute. Despite the prices, the investment rents and that is why each edition there are nudges between brands to take over the tables. But for the wheel to work, that diffusion guaranteed by the big names (Hollywood actors, designers, models, businessmen, politicians…) is essential and, if many are left out, that scope might not be so attractive.

Searching for those other audiences that are only on TikTok and co would guarantee reach, even if the event is more intimate. It remains to be seen whether, with these new guests and the new target audience, the party will be broadcast on social media. In the last three editions, Wintour vetoed mobiles inside the gala in a movement that, in this case, rather than against the current, seems aimed at building that halo of inaccessibility. Because, overall, those who wanted to skip the ban did so without consequences and with millionaire results in the form of ‘I like’. It is another of the ironies of this gala, as exclusive as it is media.

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