Makeup Artist Talks About the Terror She Lived When Working for Angélica Rivera

Alfonso Waithsman, Angelica Rivera

Alfonso Waithsman confessed that when he worked for the former First Lady, he was the victim of offenses and death threats.

Make-up artist Alfonso Waithsman confessed that when he was working for former first lady Angélica Rivera, he was the victim of offenses and even death threats.

The one known as ‘makeup artist of the stars’, in an interview with Michelle Ruvalcaba spoke of the nightmare that he lived during the time he worked with the actress: “They attacked me, they insulted me, there were moments that until death they wanted me through social networks”.

Waithsman revealed that the attacks increased when it was known that Rivera was traveling outside the country accompanying Enrique Peña Nieto on an official tour, trips to which he was also included since the first lady took him away so that at all times she appeared impeccably arranged and made up.

“I hope you die, that the plane you are on crashes,” was one of the messages he received on his social networks.

The makeup artist remembers as a nightmare the time he worked for Angélica, with whom, by the way, he always had and has to date a wonderful and loving relationship between them.

Waithsman regrets that the situations that surrounded Peña Nieto’s role as president have affected him in some way since they were years of a lot of corruption.


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