Makeup pH-reagent: how it works and what products to try

TO in contact with the skin, they magically generate (or reveal) color: a great trend of recent months (but a legacy of the 90s) make-up pH reagent gives lips and cheeks a delicate shade of pink, personalized and unique, in often light textures long-playing. But how do they work?

Make-up pH Reagent: How It Works

Became a trend of recent months (but known since the 90s) cosmetics pH reagents – typically creams, blushes, and lip oils – Yes they transform and open upon contact with the skin. In fact, they are made up of special pigments that react to the acidity of the skin, as well as to the air and the degree of humidity, thus revealing a color unique to each face type.

So don’t worry if you’re faced with white, green, purple, black lipstick, or a perfectly sheer blush: once tapped on the skin, yeah witness the “magic” find out what nuance is revealed.

Hypernatural “Bonne Mine” effect

Ideal, especially in summer, which characterizes these pH-reactive products. texture, often gel, therefore particularly suitable for high temperatures.

Face shape and makeup: how to improve yourself with the right makeup

Face shape and makeup: how to improve yourself with the right makeup

Acting in perfect harmony with the complexion, the result deceive Good luck personalized, natural and hyper-bright. pH-reactive cosmetics also give the beauty look a delicate moist, slightly moist and iridescent effect. Confirming this trend, Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner were among the first to show up on social media.

Finally, one more feature additional ph reagent is that it takes a long time. Cause? They are light, thin, melting on contact with the epidermis.

The most viral cosmetics with pH reagent

Among the most desired products that exploded the trend are Black honey lipstick clinic, characterized by an almost black stick, which, however, when applied, it gives the lips a more or less intense dark pink shade. It was Jenna Ortega who made it viral in recent months thanks to the beauty of Wednesday Addams.

They also respond to the pH of the skin. blush, for example, transparent gel EspressOh and Mulac for cheeks, lips and eyelids for a radiant complexion glossy.

On the other hand, lip products are usually green in color: among the most discussed on the net is Transforming lip tint in (Wizard of Oz limited edition collection) signed by Kylie Cosmetics and Dior Addict Lip gloss 028 Minty Rose, The natural formula with cherry oil leaves lips soft pink, moisturized and juicy. Seeing is believing.


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