Malaysia Official Lockdown, The Bride And Groom To The Reception, To Cancel Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ringgit To Pay For Already


TRIBUNPALU.COM – Corona Virus or Covid-19 impact on the various facets of life.

In addition to the health effects of the deadly virus, a number of wedding event was cancel a couple in love, to be threatened and lose money.

A prospective groom, recognized you almost lost Rp 350.000.000 for the wedding.


Both of them are the wedding couple from Malaysia.

Began to note, for the Malaysian government to impose lockdown or pnguncian region as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid-19.

Quoted from Free Malaysia Todayto plan a few of the bride and groom in Malaysia, the celebration of the marriage of luxury and magnificent.

The bride and groom are with the name Singh, to reveal the EMThe has pre mempersipakan a series of events, from weddings-Wedding, Reception in the gurdwara for dinner at the end of the week.

“But it seems that this event has to be postponed until the time could not be determined (due to an outbreak of the corona),” he said.

In addition to the money, in the amount of RM100.000 or equivalent to Rp 350 million, that he and his fiancée spend, your relatives, even in the thousands of dollars lost.

It is because the invited guests to cancel the flight and hotel accommodation which have been booked in Malaysia.

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