Maldives: a tourist in a bikini violement disturbed


While the Maldives is a serious competition for our tourism, here is a video that is clouding your picture of Paradise. Police officers have violement addressed to Cecilia Jastrzembska, a British tourist because she was wearing a bikini on the island of Maafushi. A video of the arrest muscular was published MvCrisisa media website, of the 6 to set up.February.

The The Daily Mirror has newsince this blog is 26 years has a small reputation in the UK, the television shows, First dates, and Ninja Warrior UK.

On the video clip, several men and police officers Cecilia Jastrzembska surround, to wrap a towel. You can hear it shout several times: “ Me agressez sexually “while the police cuff him trying.

An apology from the police

The police of the island group has been recognized, incorrectly, the situation is treated according to the outcry that this video raised. “I want to apologize for what happened, not only for tourists but also for the public in General. One of our goals is the professionalisation of the best the police and we’re working on it”said the Commissioner of the local police, Mohamed Hameed.

The young woman was arrested for sexual harassment, but the investigation is ongoing. According to the local media, the police had been drinking suspected alcohol, reported the website of The Epoch Time.

Reminder: the Maldives, Sharia law will apply, since the coup Abdulla Yameen in the presidential election of 2013. The wearing of swimwear is permitted in the zones for tourists, but strictly prohibited elsewhere. And you don’t know exactly where the video was shot, if not, that it is sand and it looks like a beach.