Maldives : a tourist, the canadian bikini rhabillée force by the police and residents


the main thing
A tourist, the canadian made the bad experience and go for a walk in a bikini in the Maldives. A video has made the rounds of the social networks, shows police officers helped by some of the inhabitants in the train the young woman, the attract force. The Islands of the Maldives, which will be shown on a regular basis with the finger to the non-observance of human rights, are subject to the Sharia.

The scene rages on, the masses on the social networks : a young tourist, the canadian, the forced is in a bikini, by a group of men, the hedge with a towel. Driving disabled quite violently by the police and residents, it is finally argued that the arms in the back.

Areas and Islands, which are reserved for the tourists

On Twitter the reactions are flooded and give rise to a debate ideologically. The Maldives are a country of Islamic tradition, in which the Sharia prescribes. And the rules : the women must be covered. If not by the clothes muslim, at least from the clothing.

Some users also recall that the country is planning the zones for tourists, in which the Sharia does not apply. Many suspect that the young canadian would be ventured, in a place the local population. A second video, which seems to unfold before the debate, suggests that the young woman was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the fact.

Respect the customs and traditions

In contrast to France, the Maldives does not claim that as a secular state. It obeys the law of Sharia and the website of the French government France Diplomacy gives clear information about the customs and traditions : “In the case of travel or stays in the Islands are inhabited, and the possibility of these people, it is recommended to pay special attention to the compliance with the local practices (for example, they inform about the possibility for women to not to drink, bathe in a bathing suit, or Smoking in public, at the time of the ramadan)”.