Maldives : the arrest of a female tourist in bikini are discussed


It is a sequence-shock, filmed in the archipelago of the Maldives was plenty of comments in social networks. You can see, a British tourist, dressed in a swimsuit two parts, to be dry to be carried away by the police who accuse him, in particular, the guide. A picture, far away from the turquoise water and the sandy beaches of the archipelago, particularly known for tourism and, in particular, for his ability to seduce couples, the honeymoon. In the face of criticism, the authorities of the Maldives, apologized, explained, The Guardian.

According to police, the woman was on Maafushi island, an outfit wore ” inappropriate “, but so drunk and it would have refused to obey the commands when he was asked to cover up. You can hear it, in particular, shout : “You’re just going to attack me sexually. “Three people try to master it and others hide behind a napkin. She was finally released two hours after he has been terminated without a prosecution is initiated. Given the scope of this case led to an outcry across the channel, the Commissioner of police Mohamed Hameed has acknowledged that the event ” seemed to have been badly managed “. He has the British tourists, but also for the public apology. Monday Mohamed Nasheed, the President of the European Parliament and former President of the Republic, the apology, presented in turn. He also hoped that the tourism authorities of the countries calling for the British nationals, back in the archipelago.

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The contrast of the Maldives

To the extent that the opinions are not so unanimous in the Maldives. So on Friday, 7. February, a press release, the police asked visitors to ” respect the cultural sensitivities and local laws “. Dunya Maumoon, a former foreign Minister, for his part, has regrets, as the police intervened, however, is of the opinion that the “tourists” had in mind the religious and cultural norms of the country “, especially in the area of clothing.

In this case, it represents the contrast of the Maldives. For many, the island group is characterized by its landscapes postcard. But above all, it is a country where a very large majority of the population is of the Muslim faith, and applies the Sharia. The tourists have only very little contact with the people and are in theory only to certain areas in which you can dress how you want.