Malena Galmarini tours Troncos del Talar, Rincón and Las Tunas: “We will transform Tigre as we did with Sergio”

UP Malena Galmarini’s pre-candidate for mayor of Tigre has stepped up visits to shopping centers and neighborhoods in the final days of the election campaign. He is in dialogue with his neighbors in the towns of Troncos del Tarral, Rincon and Las Tunas, listening to their needs and telling them about their proposals.

“We walk and listen to people, their problems and their needs. There is a lot to improve in terms of municipal administration, health, safety, public services and infrastructure. Our plan considers improvements in all of these areas. We will, as Transform the tiger like Sergio did,” Malena said.

During the visit, the current President of AySA was accompanied by Troncos town leader Patricio D’Angelo, Councilor Mayra Mariani, councilor pre-candidate Laura Godoy, councilor pre-candidate Lazaro Flores and Ramiro Tuscany and other members of the list.

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Malena Galmarini (Malena Galmarini) continues to visit the small town of Tigre

Malena Galmarini visited Isabel, a neighbor in Troncos whose family had a small shop, and recalled: “It rained on my house and we tried to mend it , but the water came in the same way. Sheets were no longer provided, and when we went to the city hall, there was no response to the issues”.
Soledad Vega, another neighbor on the block, added: “My child has bronchitis and I took him to the hospital here but they didn’t want to treat me. I had to go to another Towns, it’s difficult because if you’re not from the area, they don’t want to serve you. And the neighbor’s room is closed at 5:00pm. It’s very difficult.”

In this regard, Myra Mariani said: “We traveled with Malena, listened to the needs, counted the recommendations and, as always, took the time to listen to each of our neighbors, they are our most valuable assets.”

During his visits to different communities and areas, neighbors often encountered insecurity, poor sanitation responses, and systemic inefficiencies. “There is a lot of rubbish, the streets are dirty, the lights are on during the day, and the rooms close at 4:00 pm, we have to go to another district to take care of ourselves,” said a Rincon resident.

A proposal by Malena Galmarini of Troncos del Talar plans to build a sanitation post in the central area of ​​the town and extend sanitation shifts to 24 hours. On the security side, consideration of installing 150 video surveillance cameras and creating safe vehicular corridors through the reconstruction of the Liniers and Larralde roundabouts will also improve traffic. There are also urbanization and housing plans for the Chinese Quarter and the Sagrada Familia.

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