Malena Galmarini: “We will transform Tigre as we did with Sergio Massa”

Malena GalmariniThe Fatherland Alliance’s Tigre mayoral candidate continues to tour her party’s malls and neighborhoods, talking to neighbors, listening to their needs and telling them about her proposals.

Sergio Massa announces he will launch productive single contribution: “You have to recoup the income to fill the pot”

The economy minister spoke against himself in reference to social movements. Sergio Massa assured that it is now “time to face the difficult situation”.

Accompanied by Troncos del Talar, Rincón and Las Tunas, the current President of Isa visited Troncos del Talar, Rincón and Las Tunas. Assemblyman Myra Mariani; Assemblyman front-runner Laura Godoy; and assemblyman candidates Lazaro Flores and Ramiro Toscani Toscani).

“We walk and listen to people, their problems and their needs. There is a lot to be improved in terms of municipal administration, health, safety, public services and infrastructure. Our plan considers improvements in all of these areas. We will transform Tigre like we did with Sergio (Masa)“, Express Malena Galmarini.

Malena Galmarini visits Tigre

“It was raining at my house and we tried to fix it, but the water went in. The sheets were no longer strong, and when we went to the city hall, we didn’t get an answer about the problem”, revealed a woman who owns a small shop; while other neighbors told about their problems: “My child had bronchitis and I took him to the hospital here and they didn’t want to treat me. I had to go to another town, which was difficult because if you weren’t from the area, they Don’t want to serve you either. And at 5:00pm the neighbor’s room is already closed. It’s very difficult”.

The government will present the technical topic “MonoTech”: what it is and who it is for

By this measure, they estimate that about 30,000 professionals in the technology field will be billed as much as $3,000 a month.

Proposal Malena Galmarini For Tigre, and especially for Troncos del Talar, the construction of a sanitation post in the central area of ​​the town has attracted attention, with sanitation extended to 24 hours.

On the security side, the installation of 150 video surveillance cameras, secure vehicle corridors and the reorganization of the Liniers and Larralde roundabouts will also improve transport, as well as the urbanization and housing plans of Barrio Cina Cina and Sacred Family.

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