Maluma and Jennifer López fall in love with Hollywood through their music


JLo and the Colombian have joined thanks to the film “Marry Me”, which will be released on February 14, 2021

Jennifer López and Maluma said on Wednesday that with their film “Marry Me” they are taking advantage of the popularity of Latin music in the United States to make Hollywood fall in love and open more doors for professionals in the Hispanic community in the film industry.

” For the first time we have a large-scale, large-budget film that has an original and bilingual soundtrack, in which two protagonists are also Latino,” López said during a talk at “Latin Music Week,” the conference that precedes the Latin Billboard awards, which are given tonight and for those who participate in two categories.

That achievement “ is part of the goal that I have had since I started my career. I always wanted to be seen as a Latin artist, who can do all kinds of roles and all kinds of music ”.

“Marry Me,” which premieres February 14, 2021, tells the story of a pop music star; her boyfriend, to whom she is engaged, and a third party who has nothing to do with music.

The film, which López has produced and stars alongside Owen Wilson and Maluma, “is a romantic comedy with which we celebrate who we are,” he added.

“It is not a musical, but yes, music has a very important role,” said López, who acknowledges that it is the most powerful vehicle with which Latinos have been making their way in the entertainment world.

“Melody and rhythm are universal languages,” he highlighted and was one of the reasons behind incorporating another Latin artist like Maluma into the romantic trio.

“We are living a very special moment, with very dynamic artists and we wanted to take advantage of it,” said the star, who recalled that when the Latin “boom” of the 90s occurred, the music was in English.

“ We were Marc (Anthony), Shakira, Ricky Martin, myself and others who were able to make it noticeable in the United States and international markets that there were Latin artists. In this sense, the Colombian stated that he feels ” very proud that my songs on the soundtrack are in Spanish.”

“People always ask me when I’m going to release music in English, but I answer why. I have had concerts in Romania, in the United States, with people singing my songs in Spanish. That is my essence as an artist and I don’t want to lose it ”, he added.

The artists said they are both preparing new albums in Spanish and did not rule out the idea of ​​touring together when possible.