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Maluma gets ready for his arrival in Hollywood with Jennifer López and Owen Wilson, after a successful concert in Los Angeles | Music | Entertainment

In February 2022 the film ‘Marry Me’ will be released, in which the Colombian is part of the cast. He is currently on his ‘Papi Juancho’ tour.


With its big Hollywood premiere with Jennifer Lopez already around the corner, Maluma He passed through Los Angeles (USA) last night and gave a successful concert on his tour Papi juancho.

Although it was not the first recital of his tour of the United States, since on Thursday he kicked off in Sacramento (USA), the stop in the city of Los Angeles was one of the dates with capital letters of this presentation tour of his album that bears the same name, Papi juancho (2020).

The Colombian is one of the reggaeton stars with the most impact around the world, but now prepares his assault to the cinema with marry me, a romantic comedy that will be released in February 2022 and in which he shares credits with figures of the stature of Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson.

Not far from Hollywood, that place of dreams that Medellín also wants to conquer, last night’s performance took place in which Maluma practically filled the well-known The Forum in Los Angeles.

Delayed after a chaotic and disorderly organization in the entrances to the enclosure, the concert featured an eye-catching 360-degree staging with a stage in the shape of a Greek cross and covered with screens that occupied the center of the stadium.

Photo: EFE

The first thing Maluma’s fans saw was a big heart on the screens, an example, according to the singer, that on this tour he wants to give everything after so many months of hiatus due to the coronavirus.

The party started in style with Hawaii and Maluma, delighted and very smiling, let his followers sing a cappella the first chorus of this successful single.

Eight tireless dancers accompanied Maluma’s powerful visual bet – pyrotechnics included – who, instead of prerecorded bases for the music, had a solid and solvent band playing live.

Madrid and Parce they finished off a start of the concert completely dedicated to the album Papi Juancho.

Maluma gave these three gifts to Kim Kardashian; Will he be conquering her?

Maluma had as much work at the microphone as in the changing rooms, since he changed clothes on several occasions and went, for example, from a dark Neo-style outfit from The Matrix to an ocher shirt with glitter pants without forgetting another look of green tones.

“It is sad that it was so long before returning to the stage. But here I am, very happy,” he said.

Photo: EFE

With no time to lose and linking songs without a pause or for a drink of water, the reggaeton player joined themes such as My girl, Aloha or a great Djadja.

Reggaeton dominated the night from beginning to end, but Maluma indulged himself in the middle of the night.

Accompanied only by a pianist and with rose petals falling from the ceiling, the singer addressed his intimate themes without artifice or disguise ADMV and Sailor.

“They told me that in Los Angeles I was going to be at home and that’s why I took off my shoes and everything,” he joked in the closest stretch of his performance.

The second half of the concert began with a reggae air thanks to # 7DJ (7 days in Jamaica) (2021), his EP dedicated to exploring the rhythms of the Caribbean island and where a sensual Chocolate.

Not all were recent topics since there were also trips to the past like that of the popular I delete cassette.

In any case, one of the brightest points of the concert was Happy all 4, which Maluma crowned in the final part with an exciting salsa arrangement.

Already in the final stretch he tackled a powerful Come Pa ‘Ca and Blackmail, in which its chorus girl complied with a note with the parts that Shakira performs in the original recording.

“Thanks LA, I love you,” said Maluma, lying on stage and totally satisfied, before ending his night “made in Hollywood” with an encore by Hawaii. (AND)

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