Maluma got her role in Jennifer López’s next movie without casting

That is how well the reputation of the Colombian is who has come to obtain the shelter of JLo

On Valentine’s Day, Jennifer Lopez’s latest romantic comedy, ‘Marry Me,’ will hit theaters, in which the Bronx diva plays a famous singer who decides to marry a fan after discovering that her fiancé Bastian has been unfaithful shortly before their wedding. Regardless of what the critics say, his films manage to fill theaters, so appearing next to him on the big screen is invaluable publicity for which many artists would do almost anything.

As confirmed months ago, Maluma will be in charge of giving life to the man who dares to deceive the famous celebrity and, if there was still someone who had not discovered him through his music, this new project will end up turning him into a face known to the general public internationally.

Ironically, this opportunity knocked on his door almost by chance. The director of the film, Kat Coiro, saw him on television during the Colombian’s visit to Jimmy Fallon’s ‘late night’ and fell at his feet. “He was so charming, so smart … and so handsome,” she explained in statements to Billboard magazine.

In this way, and without any previous experience, the reggaeton star took the role without going through a formal casting process. Maluma’s charisma even managed to have the script modified to fit his Latin roots because, initially, Jennifer’s boyfriend in fiction was expected to be a rapper or a rock star.

On the other hand, the overwhelming chemistry that the two squander in the video for their single ‘Pa Ti’ confirms that those responsible for the film made the right decision.