Man: Here are the trendy hair colors

Do you think that only women can dedicate themselves to their hair, dyeing it from time to time, for try new colors and update your look? Of course not! Tendency to dye hair, for some time now it attracts more and more even Men. And this is confirmed by hairdressers and hairdressers who admitted that they found more interest on the part of men to go to beauty salons more often in order to be able to change their hair color and make changes in their image! Some people start dyeing their hair starting from an early agefor the sole purpose experiment with new style ideas. But there are also men who devote themselves to this operation instead. seeing the first gray hair: in these cases, the goal is quite different, i.e. slow down the aging process, or at least I hope I can! If you belong to one of these two age groups, then it is correct that you also know that hair coloring is also equivalent be fashionable: what better way to combine two than to try one of many trendy colors of 2023? It’s only been half a year, there’s still time to pick out all the trends you want, even better when paired with the hottest styles for men! Here you are what shades you should definitely try straightaway!

4 trendy colors that will change your look for men

4 most fashionable colors for men

hair color says a lot about the person who wears it: it is assumed that darker shades introduce definitely a stronger personalityand those a little Clearerthey fit young guys, still on the path of self-discovery. Can you find us? Whether it’s a good yes or a good no, it doesn’t matter! It is important to know each other thoroughly, choose the color that makes you feel comfortable, and most importantly, that it is able to characterize you not only in the image, but also in character. Here’s what they are most popular colors to draw inspiration!


chocolate available in different variationsfrom dark to less intense, stands out for its aftertaste: determined and natural! This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to change up their look or just darken their foundation a couple of tones without risking a more aggressive choice like black. For a more natural version, we suggest you ask your hairdresser to recreate some slightly warmer or slightly darker shades, depending on your preferences and the end result. However, be aware that chocolate is especially suitable for semitones hot.

ink black

Due to the huge success of the series “Wednesday” with Jenna Ortegathis year one of the most popular colors is definitely inky blackwill be appreciated by both women and men! Black appears in this version shiny and glare-free, resolute and strong, like the character expected of those who choose to try. This is one of the smartest options if you decide use it to darken your natural brownboth if you have one clear basis and please use this to completely change the look. Remember, however, that in the latter case you will definitely have to resort to bleaching to get the desired result!

Salt and pepper

Are you looking for one exciting solutionand fashionable at the same time? Without a doubt salt and pepper option this is what you need: it is one of the evergreens for both women and men. In this case, the hair must be dyed black, gray and silverbut the end result should guarantee super natural effect! S can be achieved with different techniques such as classic highlights or stripes to guarantee an original and trendy look. If you are in range over 50 and you don’t want to completely mask the signs of aging, this is the best choice!

golden blond

One of the alternatives to blonde low costs no doubt golden blond. If you want to lighten your hair, starting with a not too dark base, there is no better solution than a warm golden blonde, enveloping shade with golden honey shades. Unlike platinum, this color is perfect for those who want to replicate the look. natural and less eccentric. At the same time it fashionable option for real heartthrobs!

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