Man in Italy was Arrested by the police GO After the Games, the Pokémon, If Lockdown


INDOZONE.ID To prevent currently, the Italian government blocked that the spread of the corona virus in the country. The Italian society was encouraged, not leaving his house, and, the violation will be given a penalty.

Recently, the police in Italy have arrested a man at the age of 31 years and his daughter, if you are caught in San Fermo.

In a time when the police ask why man and his daughter out of the house in a time like this, the man said that he wanted to GO to the game to play Pokémon, the game is his favorite.

Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO (photo/iMore)

The man casually I said ‘on the hunt Pokémon’, so the police arrested the man for violation.

This time should be the person accused, together with 43 thousands of other people who are known to commit violations after the country imposed the lockout began, the 9. March 2020 yesterday.

The Italian government only allowing people to buy out of the house, important items such as medicines and food. In addition, the community must be detained.

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