‘Man of Steel’ Jamie Dornan auditions in Superman pajamas

Man of Steel2013 film directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as a DC Comics superhero. Superman. The film is the first of a cinematic reboot centered on the iconic superhero and was written by David S. Goyer and produced by Christopher Nolan. It is also the first chapter of the DC Extended Universe, a cinematic universe that groups and ties together many of the Warner Bros. films set in the events of Marvel superheroes. Although Hernie Cavill has played Clark Kent and his alter ego in several films, as the Krypto boy we could have found another crowd-favorite actor, especially a female one.

SupermanJamie Dornan came to the audition in superhero pajamas.

It’s about Jamie Dornan., actor, famous for playing the role of a hunter in the first seasons of the series One day (in Italian A long time ago) and charming Christian Gray in the movie saga about Fifty Shades…based on the literary trilogy of the same name. Nowadays, the actor is again talked about thanks to the film. Heart of stone, available from August 11, 2023 on the streaming platform Netflix, where she joins actress Gal Gadot. It really seems like a sign of fate that he worked alongside whoever spawned the recent film version. amazing woman. Just think, if Jamie Dornan was selected for the audition, he could have worked with Gal Gadot a long time ago in the DC Comics films as he was one of the possible names up for the role of Superman in Man of Steelso later they met on set Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Jamie Dornan recently spoke in an interview with Josh Horowitz for a podcast. Happy sad embarrassed (Street ignite) that he auditioned for the role of Superman from Man of Steel and that, most likely, it went badly because of his very special dress, in which he introduced himself to the casting managers. As he himself explained, the audition took place about 12 years ago and he was wearing his handmade Superman pajamas:

The only one I auditioned for was Superman. It was a long time ago when Henry Cavill was cast. It’s probably been 12 years or so. I was wearing my dress. Was it a mistake? I was wearing Superman’s pajamas, it wasn’t a real costume. I remember one of the first auditions for this role. I couldn’t even get close to putting on a suit.

The aforementioned audition cast Henry Cavill, who played the (uncredited) caped superhero prior to the film’s release. Black Adams to then say goodbye to the role after the arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran at the helm of Studios.

Dornan later said that after that audition for Superman, he never tried to play a superhero again..

The character of Superman had many faces, and many of them appeared in Flash, when the main character explores all the worlds of the Multiverse. In 2025, if there are no postponements due to strikes in Hollywood, the film should appear in all theaters. Superman: Legacy where the superhero will be played by David Korenswet.

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