Mancella and Aureoles accuse PDR of being excluded from broad front

excluded from internal race for presidential candidate mexican broad frontPeredista Silvano Aureoles and Miguel Angel Mancella They warned that they could challenge the process before the Federal Judicial Electoral Tribunal (TEPJF).

The results of the first screening were only accepted by PAN members Santiago Creel and Xóchitl Gálvez and PRI members Enrique de la Madrid and Beatriz Paredes (Beatriz Paredes) took over, causing divisions in the PRD leadership, which will announce on Thursday whether to remain in the opposition coalition.

Aureoles condemned Organization Committee The day before the official announcement, he informed him that he had complied with the request to raise 150,000 sympathies over the phone; however, the next day they told him at the last minute that he had not complied with the request to disperse it to 17 entities.

“The decision taken by the organizing committee was unfair because we did not know by what criteria and what elements the decision was made. The committee left many doubts, which put the direction and stability of the Broad Front at risk, “He said.

Faced with the elimination of the internal competition for the presidential candidate, the former governor of Michoacan asked the Revolutionary Democratic Party to withdraw from the Broad Front organizing committee to express dissent.

“I’m going to ask for a technical audit, a computer audit of the process, because it’s very suspicious, very strange. The platform took six days to start working and there was a permanent glitch, it was difficult to connect to or use the platform. I Don’t trust suppliers, technically we need opinions,” he charged.

Moreover, just minutes after formally announcing the four contenders for the second round of internal proceedings, presidential candidate and Senator Mancella expressed dissatisfaction with the results.

“They don’t hurt people, they hurt the process itself, that’s undisputed, and if it continues like this, hopefully it will be corrected, rethought and valued; currently, due to considerations and Standard changes, I have a disagreement,” he said.

Minutes before the official announcement, the organizing committee informed him that 7,000 sympathy points corresponding to citizens with ties to other political parties were deducted, the lawmaker explained at Senate headquarters. An estimated 80,000 supporters of citizens in similar situations are registered on the platform.

They also invalidated signatures with incorrect registered voter card numbers or illegible photographs.

Mancella said he had collected more than 20,000 signatures from citizens living in Mexico City, more than the cap set in the call, which had been subtracted from those he had accumulated on the platform.

The former head of government in Mexico City revealed that DDP national leader Jesús Zambrano said he disagreed with the decision to exclude the two DDP candidates from the coalition’s internal procedures.

The decision to exclude the DDP’s only two front candidates for now forced the party’s leadership to meet last night to discuss their durability in the opposition coalition.

This Thursday at 10:30 a.m. Zambrano will announce his position on the matter with the Representative Coordinator, Luis Espinosa ChazaroMansella and Halo.

It is not the first time that members of the Democratic Party have disagreed with a decision by the majority party of the opposition coalition. Zambrano threatened to break the alliance in January when PAN member Marko Cortés and PRI member Alejandro Moreno announced a so-called deal to share the 2023 and 2024 candidatures.

PAN and PRI applicants through

The day after the first debate between the applicants, the organizing committee announced that only four of the 11 contestants in the competition managed to achieve the goal of collecting 150,000 signatures from 17 entities in the country. Target.

These are the only four leading candidates from the National Action Party and the Institutional Revolutionary Party in various polls: Xochitel Galvez, Santiago Krill, Beatrice Paredes and En Rick De La Madrid.

In addition to Aureoles (288,090 signatures) and Mancera (195,575 signatures), former Tamaulipas National Action Party governor Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca also reached this threshold (195,548 signatures).

Minutes before the committee announced the list of the four signatories, García Cabeza de Vaca uploaded a video but declined to send it to his network. Mancella and Aureoles reacted minutes after the announcement.

PAN members and PRI members attended the Phase 1 result announcement ceremony, but PRD members did not. Unlike other events, the PRD representatives of the organizing committee, Claudia Castello and Ángel Ávila, were absent.

Specific requirements

The appeal for broad front representative posts calls for 150,000 signatures from 17 entities. Signatures collected by each state must accumulate between a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 20,000 signatures.

In addition, only citizens sympathetic to the National Action Party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party and the Democratic Revolutionary Party will be able to participate in order to avoid affecting the conduct of the primary elections scheduled for Sunday, September 3, one of the tools used to determine the next presidential candidate .Opposition

Arturo Sánchez, a member of the organizing committee, explained that the data collected by Aureoles, Mancera and García Cabeza de Vaca Citizen Support did not meet the criteria of the appeal, so they were disqualified from participating in the internal process.

“What we did was check that the corresponding photo was actually taken, that the whole process was in order. Verify that the photo of the voter ID was taken, that there were no errors that made us think the person wasn’t there or their photo wasn’t recognized. That’s why we got these numbers, they’re different,” he explained.

Some 600,000 sympathies were discarded after the organizing committee reviewed the civic support registered by 11 contestants, with the register passing 2.5 million signatures to 1.9 millionexplains Arturo Sanchez.

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