Maneskin, Damiano’s post worries the fans: “It’s more difficult!”

Damian David published a post on social media that alarmed the numerous fans of the Maneskins. What happen?

We assess the situation. The band is currently engaged in the European leg of the tour and the frontman has published two photographs on social media.

One in black and white that shows him smoking a cigarette and another in which we can see an object that appears to be an oxygen mask.

The caption, written in English, is decidedly eloquent.

Sometimes it’s harder!”

Maneskin, Damiano’s post worries the fans

The musician’s words sparked panic among fans about the record band.

If you need to cancel concerts, cancel them. Your fans will 100% understand. Nothing is more important than your health!”

I see an oxygen mask, take care of yourself. We love you and want you to live a long time.”

I think it’s time to take a well deserved break. You guys have been around nonstop since you won Eurovision. Health is worth more than work. Take care of yourself Damiano.”

These are some of the comments posted by users under the post. For now, no official communication. The tour continues as normal and there are no reports of possible health problems for Damian.

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