Maneskin, new single “Honey” is out (with Martin Garrix?)

The announcement came as a surprise on a late summer afternoon, days before the band’s stadium debut shows in Rome and Milan, and more than a month after the September 3 departure from EXPO Plaza in Hannover, Germany, as part of the “Rush! World” world tour. Tour”: Maneskin are about to release a new unreleased single.

The announcement is, in truth, a semi-announcement. With the message posted on official social channels, the group limited themselves to only revealing the title of the new song ‘Darling (are you coming?)’ without providing more details about the song as of the date ‘Release. In a post posted on Instagram, Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Ruggi and Ethan Torcio wanted to offer a few seconds preview of the song, which is to be produced by none other than Martin Garrix, one of the most sought after Dutch DJs and producers around the world. and already together – among others – Dua Lipa and Macklemore (but his most famous hit is “Animals”, which, ten years after its publication in 2013, continues to be one of the most danced and performed in discotheques around the world). world). .

Rumors regarding a collaboration between Maneskin and Martin Garrix have circulated in recent weeks but have never been confirmed or denied by those directly involved. For the rock band “Shut up and good” this will be another international collaboration, following those with Iggy Pop for “I want to be your slave” and Tom Morello for “Gossip”.

The Maneskin have launched a contest for fans to be the first to save “Honey (Are u Comed?)” on the platforms, and the lucky ones will be able to win two tickets to the band’s concert scheduled for December. 14th at the 3rd Arena in Dublin, Ireland with flights and hotels paid.

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