Maneskin, official video for the new single “Honey (are you coming?)”

It will be released today, September 5, at 19:00 Moscow time on the channel. I was belonging Maneskinsofficial video of the new single “Honey (are you coming?)”.

The group chose Rome, their city, for the filming of the video clip, which combines the play of lights, lasers, drones and a memorable location. Gasometer in Rome, where an exclusive global live stream of the song’s presentation had already been broadcast.

Video ( showing the band’s breathtaking live performance with unreleased footage and subjective cameras that restore the band’s live energy. Energetic and protagonist of the success of their new world tour RUSH! World Tour ”(many concerts are already sold out) and which we will also see again at the next stage. MTV VMAs where Moneskin will perform as a performer and was nominated in two categories”Best Rock” AND “Group of the Year“.

Maneskin, official video for the new single “Honey (are you coming?)”

According to Wikipedia, Gasometer (Also known as Gasometer and luxometer) was the largest gasometer inEurope and is next door Ostiense From Rome.

Built by the Genoese company. ansaldo between 1935 and 1937 on behalf of Anglo-Roman society for lighting Rome With gas and other systems, over the years has become the undisputed symbol of the Xth Roman district, representing an important example of industrial archeology.

The space on which it stands covers an area of ​​more than 12 hectares, which, in addition to the metal structure, includes a vast surrounding area. Gasometer same. In 2020, the territory was introduced The keeper in the ranking of the most promising areas of the city.Europein eighth place.

In 2022, inside building 30 of the complex named after. Gasometeronce used to produce and purify water gas,Eni 2050 Laboratory, a pillar dedicated to innovative technologies. The building houses a laboratory with hypertech equipment and an immersive advanced simulation area using the processing power of supercomputers. HPC4 AND HPC5.

On May 17, 2023, it was opened in the area of ​​the city of Gasometer project ROAD (Roman advanced area) created by a network of companies formed Eni, Acea, Autostrade per l’Italia, Bridgestone, Cisco, FS Group and NextChem (MAIRE) with the aim of developing and promoting technological innovations and research projects dedicated to energy supply chains.

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