Måneskin’s Damiano kisses Taylor Swift at the VMAs: here are his words | News

What happens in between Damiano David belonging Moneskin AND Taylor Swift? Many people on social networks are starting to send them, let’s see why.

It all started with VMA 2023. During the evening, when both emerged victorious, I Moneskin they performed their new single live”Darling (Are you coming?)” and Damiano began the performance by taking a subjective photo of the audience present on stage. Prudential Center From Newark with a video camera.

When the frontman of the Italian band approached Taylor Swift, who was sitting in the front row, she openly blew him a kiss with both hands. According to some, it was directed at Damiano, and according to others, at the video camera and, therefore, at the public who were watching the event from home.

At the time, the Måneskin singer didn’t seem to notice Swift’s gesture. A few hours after the show, come on Instagram He then wrote a message in which he not only thanked the fans who allowed his group to receive the award, but also Best rockbut also addressing directly to his colleague: “Last night was a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, we love you very much. PS: Taylor Swift, thank you for the blessing, we are all tall, blonde and beautiful.

After Taylor’s “kiss” and Damiano’s words, many on social networks began to dream of a story between the two stars and began to publish it. On the other hand, both are currently officially single.

In recent months, Damiano David ended his relationship with his long-time girlfriend. Georgia Soleri. Taylor Swift broke up earlier this year with Joe Alwynwith whom he was with for 6 years and then had a short flirtation that also ended Matty Healy belonging 1975. Now it’s time for her to “Italian love“?

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