Manicure of the Month: It’s 90 Supermodel Nails Time

In this summer collection – at least for the time being – barbiecore nails, neon tones or detailed and imaginative graphics. catchphrase of quiet luxuryA fashion-inspired inclination toward less blatant but more muted luxury is also invading the world of manicures, with proposals that rediscover Sophisticated elegance in colors, refined minimalism in aesthetics and a great deal of attention to nail care.

a trend that has its roots in that desire – also promoted by episodes of the series succession – Freeing yourself from maxi logos, excessive motifs and clearly recognizable symbols on the basis of one More casual style, where luxury speaks through impeccable fits, quality fabrics, clean lines, timeless silhouettes and solid colors, That of big names, but without showing them off.

a trend that has already derailed Couture Marrying from different worlds, at least not from the world of beauty especially the universe Nailswhich has for some time taken the path of necessity, less brazen luxury, through various proposalsbut united by that desire Naked, simple, clean effects, free of frills, pricey details or visible logos.

As always, the most famous are the interpreters. just think rich girl nails drawn by Jennifer Lopez Just a few months back. An essential, elegant manicure in a romantic creamy nude tone, created by her trusty manicurist Tom Bachik. “It’s a modern take on a sophisticated classic,” explained the nail artist time ago.

A scar, of bare, almost natural-looking nails, that looks back on the past and on those that have been renamed ’90 supermodel nails, Inspired by the nails worn by the supermodels of the nineties, the oval shaped nails are crammed with sophisticated soft colors. His plus? very simple, Ideal to marry with any look without distorting it, But embellish it. If Bachik announces his comeback by treating hands nicholas peltz she recently went to her wedding Vanessa Hudgens To make them bite the dust. Her pointed nails are archived, here she is with oval, pink, super chic shapes.

The same goes for marking the return of the neat and essential manicure. barbie, or rather the one who lends voice and body to the film of the same name, actress Margot Robbie. For the film’s presentation, she decided to match her fuchsia polka dot dress with a very natural pink manicure, which Tom Bachik dubbed “the perfect pink Barbie”. It’s undoubtedly more delicate than the pink dot that has always graced the famous Mattel character, but in classy style quiet luxury,

How not to mention loved ones in the case of minimalist nail art lipgloss nailsLip gloss effect nails reminiscent of stop pumping A gloss has arrived on the lips that have gone crazy in recent months. differences with sisters Shining, Filing of shiny chrome top coat for a more streamlined effect.

This will be the minimum heat.

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