Manicure trends to discover this fall

Are you already wondering what are the fall manicure trends? The answer again comes from the Internet. Here are the colors to remember and the patterns to improve.

There are those who still cling to summer and those who are already dreaming of lower temperatures and warm autumn colors. But what are Manicure trends for next season? The web is teeming with ideas and, as is tradition, even celebrities and manicurists are making big contributions with suggestions scattered across Instagram and tik tak. Who is already wondering nail trends autumn will be glad to know that, as it should be, there are many of them, and they are destined to monopolize attention.

Manicure trends to discover this fall
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First of all, manicure trends are not just fashion. nuances predominant, but often fantasy choice and form. It seems that in fact autumn does not shun short nails. Returning to the XXL length, which has generally become fashionable, short and neat nails without excessive length are appreciated next season (so put the claws aside, you won’t need them).

Fall manicure 2023: trends to look out for in order to make trendy nails

Let’s start with a catchphrase that actually concerns not just the nail scene, but has infected the entire beauty sector. Do you know the trend Milk makeup, also loved by the stars? Well, it seems that this has also affected the shade of the nails, because it is one of the most popular autumn colors. milk color style. Already liked everywhere on TikTok, milky nails go through with milky effect to the nuances Cappuccino. The colors most commonly used for this enveloping trend (and which are also supposed to work well with your complexion) are: brown (which also varies from chocolate to caramel), white and more discreet like sand AND cream. This experiment has already been carried out by such stars as Jennifer Lopez AND Hailey Bieberwith a glossy effect.

manicure trends fall 2023
Credits: Instagram/ @tombachik – VelvetMag

Thanks to this color palette, even the penchant for lows returned by autumn. champagnea nuance that is also popular on the red carpet and demands a lot from a manicure shine. A shimmering waterfall is just what we need to bring out the autumn colors even more. Another autumn trend in manicure. chrome manicureinspired by matte effect nails so loved Hailey Bieber and already endorsed by stars such as Claire Ferragni AND Vanessa Hudgens. Very shiny and very colorful, these nails adapt to the autumn palette, playing with shades of yellow, orange, green and gold.

manicure trends fall 2023
Credits: Instagram/@paintedbyjools – VelvetMag

The solid color choice is also timeless, aiming for a more natural and seasonal effect, especially for women. shades of brown, an indispensable palette for autumn. Once again they talk about the nuance chocolate. But also naked loves it for fall nail trends, from pink to sheer. Last but not least, the trend micro french, again in the spotlight, which further emphasizes the short nail cut. In this case, the French paint the border, but with autumn shades, primarily gravitating towards brown.

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