Manicures and tattoos, Ashley Graham celebrates the feast ‘baby shower’ less conventional


Coinciding with its ninth wedding anniversary with Justin Ervinthe model Ashley Graham was announced last summer that she was expecting her first baby. Just a few days, his appearance in The Ellen Show, announced that it would be a child and was that, even though January is not out of accounts, you already have everything prepared in case we could bring forward the delivery. In the final stretch of the pregnancy, Ashley has held a party baby shower unconventionalsurrounded by friends and family. Dressed in a tight red dress square neckline signed by Victor Glemaud that highlighted his tummy, the top, and your husband will have fun like no one else.

The balloons that decorated the place of the celebration as they announced that the party would not be as baby showers more traditional. Typically, you use the balloons to write the sex of the baby but in this case, instead of read It’s a boy! or It’s a girl! appears She is a mom!a nod to Ashley, who is estrenerá in the maternity in a few months. Among the guests there have been plenty of relatives and friends of the couple, among whom was Derek Blasberg. It has been Derek who has been sharing a series of stories in his profile of Instagram where you will discover several details of this unusual party. The a fashion journalist recognized with their followers, who do not usually go to many baby shower, wondering if it is usual for there to be positions to get a manicure, tattoo artists and even a corner for piercings. Some of the guests at the event have been shared on social networks snapshots of the different nail designs that are offered in the fiesta, as well as the tattoos in key mini or the earrings that have finish wearing. Between the gifts that you have received the mom-to-be they have not missed the jewelry but also the gifts more practical, like a set designed for postpartum recovery.

Increasingly, the celebrities that are unchecked from the classic holiday and bet by offering different alternatives. Businesswoman Kim Kardashian, two weeks of being a mother for the fourth time, organized a baby shower very particular where invited participants to meditate on the mats with relaxing music and, yes, kit, of Yeezy, the signature clothing of her husband Kanye West. In Spain, the celebration begins to be more rooted and there are many moms who are discouraged with the party. The influencer Laura Scans, for example, opted for a most classic versionwith balloons in pastel colours, cakes and cupcakes dream and the name of his daughter to Rome to preside over the space.