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Josh Dallas AND Melissa Roxburgh they commented on the final episode of season 4 Manifestowith which the series said goodbye to its fans.

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In the finale, which you can read a summary of, the survivors landed in New York as if nothing had happened in the last five years, despite retaining their memories. Ben was then reunited with Grace, who was killed in the season three finale, and Olive and Cal became children again.

Josh Dallas commented:

For Ben, like many other characters, I don’t see this as an epilogue, but as a new beginning. I think it’s right that he’s back with his one true love and can get a second chance at life with her and his children. I’m very happy for him.

Instead, Michaela ended her relationship with Jared and went looking for Zeke, who doesn’t remember her. Melissa noted:

It makes me feel good. I think everything ended the way it should have. Even if something upsets people, that’s life. Things don’t turn out the way we thought, but sometimes things work out better. I think we did a really good job of showing that. There are some things that are different from what we expected, but others are better.

The actress also revealed that her last scenes on set were with Leahato Robinson, who plays Amuta:

I found this interesting because most people would have finished their work by this point. It was me and a few others still busy on set. It was an interesting farewell. We said goodbye many times this week, but it was me and Amuta and it was truly amazing.

Instead, Dallas explained:

My last scene, and it was really fitting, was with Grace. With Athena Karkanis at the airport, at the baggage claim. I think it was an amazing moment because I think my first scene was with Athena. This ending was a great way to end the story. We lost Athena in season four, and it felt like our show was missing a limb. Seeing her return to the airport for the final scene… I started crying when they were reunited. And it was so strange because it felt like we were actually on the show. It didn’t feel like we were pretending, because she wasn’t really there anymore. And it was interesting to watch.

What did you think of Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh’s comments at the Manifest finale?

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