Manu Lanzini, a story of overcoming: he missed the World Cup due to injury, he used to be a substitute and today is the revelation of the Premier League

The story, summarized, goes more or less like this: when I started to throw the first dribbles, he went downhill with River, the giant. Some time later, he was about to travel to the World Cup in Russia, but an insolent injury, days after the event, frustrated the dream of his life. He passed through Brazil and the United Arab Emirates and in West Ham, since 2015, he found his place in the world.

Manuel Lanzini celebrates in every possible way
Manuel Lanzini celebrates in every possible wayJUSTIN TALLIS – AFP

But nevertheless, Manuel Lanzini suffered serious and repeated injuries and used to be a substitute. Truly, he played little in recent years. Until it exploded, at 28. Born in Ituzaingó, he grew up in Padua, belongs to a family of soccer players – his father played in Morón; his brother Tomás acts in the second division of Chile-, play with 10, have fun and entertain others. He has a new nickname, a mime that the campus gives him. And he found the goal, the weapon that his talent lacked, his dribbles.

The last goal, against Leeds, the team of Loco Bielsa
The last goal, against Leeds, the team of Loco BielsaNigel French – PA

Class always had. Now, he is exhibiting it in all its dimensions in the Premier League, the best club championship in the world. Lionel Scaloni looks at him askance: he can be cited in the next calls, sealed the classification of the national team to the World Cup in Qatar. Will it have a place? In the meantime, it’s a kind of revelation.

Baby face, neat beard of a handful of days, leads a humble team, clothed with workers, mixed among the giants: Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal… The idea of ​​West Ham, the meddler, is to be included in the next Champions League. Manu -because he is still Manu, as when he was taking his first steps in the Monumental-, he kicks forward.

Manchester United fans obviously don't even want to see it ...
Manchester United fans obviously don’t even want to see it …Alex Livesey – Danehouse – Getty Images Europe

In this season, among all the competitions, scored 7 goals in 24 games. It does not reflect the dominance of the collective game, the offensive ancestry in the magical December 2021, extended to January, version 2022. The latest images are hardly a reflection. Manchester City beat his team 2 to 1 in a match on matchday 13 of the Premier. In injury time (at 94 minutes), he hit a right hand that surprised to the entire stadium.

Then, he established the 1-1, penalty, versus Chelsea, in the shocking 3 to 2. Later, exhibited his hierarchy and marked two goals in another 3-2 win and as a visitor to Crystal Palace. The former River player scored at 25 minutes of the first stage and at 48 of that period, through a penalty.

The definition of the Argentine in the second goal of the London team (the first was scored by the Jamaican Antonio) resulted exquisite. The former millionaire midfielder received from his teammate Decian Rice with the left boot and in the same movement he snubbed his marker, lifted the ball with the same foot and dispatched a strong shot, unavailable for the Spanish goalkeeper Guaita.

Days ago, he dealt another blow to Leeds, who could not with the revelation of the season. The team of Marcelo bielsa he is still far from his best version. Between the injuries and infections by Covid, he was blurred. In this context, the midfielder – who is also located as a winger – became the executioner and opened the account for the 2-0 victory in the FA Cup.

Days ago, he praised Marcelo Gallardo, whom he had as a coach only in the Doll’s debut. And he even compared it with two out of series of the Premier. “Gallardo improves the players, in style I compare him with Klopp and GuardiolaThey are coaches who teach you here, they leave you something and they also empower you. I see River how he plays and I think Gallardo is able to catch any team in Europe, he gave River an identity of great intensity, of being a team that does not lower its arms, high pressure and play. Here the great teams do those things, “he commented on Radio Miter.

Manu Lanzini celebrates a goal against Boca
Manu Lanzini celebrates a goal against BocaDiego Lima – THE NATION

In River, almost as a child, he suffered the hardest blow in history: the descent. “It was very hard. Things happen in life that maybe are misfortunes to realize what you did wrong “, he said, a long time ago. He reinvented himself, he broke it up with Ramón Díaz. He stood out in Fluminense, he had a stint in the Far East. “It must be my springboard to Europe,” he said. That’s how it went. He played, he got injured. It broke it, it pricked itself. He was a man of selection: his class was never in doubt. Until it happened fatality on June 8, 2018.

When I was a kid, with Cavenaghi in the background
When I was a kid, with Cavenaghi in the backgroundRiver Press

It was a shock, the news that destabilized the preseason day in Barcelona: suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and was left out of the squad 23 of the Argentine team for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The unfortunate episode occurred during the first part of training at the Barcelona venue, when Jorge Sampaoli decided to divide the squad into two groups. One group was made up of defenders and midfielders – which included the man trained in River-; while in the other, flyers and forwards were distributed. Until the worst happened.

Manu Lanzini was left out of Russia due to a torn ligament
Manu Lanzini was left out of Russia due to a torn ligamentAníbal Greco – THE NATION

He was going to be a starter; In the end, it was not part of the embarrassment between the squad and the coaching staff, beyond the result. “Today more than ever we must encourage and leave the bullshit they say aside, and show that they are not 23, 50 or 100, we must show that there are 40 million who are all going to the same side and with the same objective. LET’S GO ARGENTINA CARAJO ”. His sentence was initialed during the maximum appointment.

He had convinced Jorge Sampaoli, but a serious injury left him aside
He had convinced Jorge Sampaoli, but a serious injury left him asideAníbal Greco / Special Envoy – LA NACION

Now, Lionel Scaloni follows closely behind: He is a fan of renovation. And Manu … The news of the National Team generates a barbarian pride in me. I played with many of the boys, they are barbaric people and with the coach they found a great direction, which I needed for a long time, and it is something very nice. Everything is on track and good things happen. I hope I can return, and if not continue working for that and support from the outside the boys who are really doing it barbarian ”.

A specialist in penalties: here, against Chelsea
A specialist in penalties: here, against ChelseaJulian Finney – Getty Images Europe

Michael Antonio, a colleague, tells a secret: “They call him La Joya here, because he’s clearly a magician. He came back from a knee injury, it took him a while to come back, a few years … but now you see the quality he had when he arrived. He is showing it again and we are happy to have got the jewel back ”. David Moyes, the coach, takes comfort in his new role: “He’s closer to being a complete midfielder than he is to being No. 10. He had to adapt and change, so I’m happy for him “

In the meantime, step on the ball. Raise your head. Something good, he believes, can happen. This afternoon, in a pending match, he meets Norwich City. Lanzini grew suddenly.

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