Many did not like it, but this model is still in fashion: even celebrities want it.

Extravagant clothes from the 2000s are back on the catwalks. Now celebrities, especially those of that time, want it.

The 2000s were the decade of fashion extravagance. Something called Y2K was a must for teenagers of the time, women today from 34 to 39 years. In those days, social networks did not exist, and celebrities and newspaper covers dictated the fashion of the then youth.

what is fashionable from the past?
Many did not like it, but this model is still in fashion: even celebrities want it –

Many items of clothing are back in fashion, thanks to Generation Z who appreciates the excesses of 20 years ago, bringing them back again among the trends of the 20s of the 2000s. Until recently, in essence, these mods were considered absurd, and the question has always been the same: “but how were we supposed to wear these things?“. More of a boss than seeing him unlock memory.

Here are the fashionable clothes of the 2000s that not everyone liked, but is now a must have.

Remember the popcorn dress? The same dress with a “bubble” texture that was so loved by teenagers in the 2000s. This dress was made from twisted fabric, but it’s really they were out of order, even if we all insisted on buying it. They could suit everyone, even if they seemed small in size, because they were very elastic.

what is fashionable from the past?
A fashionable dress that comes back from the past. Credit instagram

In addition, these clothes were very comfortable in luggage, as they wrinkled easily. Today they are back in fashion and the stars want them back, so much so that they are back on the market. But who would have thought? This is because, until recently, they were considered objectively terrible.

The Popcorn dress comes in different versions, there are also sweaters and skirts in this format, and they are in fashion after 20 years. First bosses there we saw summer 2022in the Marine Serre Spring-Summer collection, while Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat stylist Chet Lo unveiled a colorful new version.

These dresses appear almost with more spiky bubbles, slightly modified from the Y2K version. Issey Miyake also launched a line bubble wrap dresses, with models walking the runway in what we wore as kids. This fashion immediately infected the stars, who noticed new trends reminiscent of the 2000s.

Basically, these are singers who in those years were teenagers or very young, like Katy Perry and Beyoncépop stars who were on the charts in the 2000s and had their singles on the iPods of many teenagers. What do you think of these dresses?

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