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Noelia Gomez Mira

Some of the things American Noah Lyles said a few weeks ago when he became the first athlete since Usain Bolt to win three consecutive World Athletics Championships NBA champion gets blisters.the fact is When a team wins a championship ring, they declare themselvesW world champion Of course, when Lyles won the Triple Crown, he said, “You know what hurts me the most? I got to watch the NBA Finals and they world champion in their minds. What is the world champion? come from America? Don’t get me wrong.I love America, but this is not the world“. That doesn’t sit well with some players, fans, and numerous people associated with the NBA trying to justify the opposite. Now, the German team took the initiative to show the American team that Lyles was right (111-113).

european basketball has defeated world champion.he has done it Great play, defense, ball movement, knowing how to take advantage of defensive imbalances And know how to control the tempo of the game. Gordie Herbert’s scoreboard didn’t fail, just as Germany remained unbeaten throughout the World Cup. Neither Dennis Schroder – who already struggled in the quarter-finals – nor Andreas Obst (Santiago de Compostela) Well-known name) doesn’t, nor does Daniel Theis. Franz Wagner did his best at the critical moment.

even if they are ahead Anthony Edwards, Mikal Bridges, Austin Reeves and a long list of NBA names With maestro Steve Kerr on the bench ending (or beginning, depending on how you look at it), they had no hesitation in playing what they had to play. Yes, Do it collectively.

Most importantly, because this is the key to bringing about self-proclaimed world champion.Because no matter how hard Edwards tried to pull the car, he found that there was a person in front of him. Obst made a three-pointer, Bonga blocked the ball, and Schroeder retreated. In other words, it was a performance of a collective game that ultimately triumphed over individual quality.

is because it is possible, The reality is that Europe has been leading the world since 2019. First it was Spain and now another team from the old continent, as either Germany or Serbia (one of the two teams already confirmed for the Olympics) would win the world championship.Although he calls himself world champion They will have to settle for the bronze medal.

The European final will take place (Sunday at 2:40pm) As Noah Lyles said, no, NBA champions are not world champions.because world champion They’ve actually been in Europe for many years. In fact, the numbers are this: Of the past six World Cups, the United States has won just two of them, with the other wins coming to Spain (twice) and extinct Yugoslavia (twice), with the seventh also coming in Old World. Data is data.

Noelia Gomez Mira

Noelia Gómez Mira is Relevo’s basketball expert and reviews what happens in competitions such as the ACB and EuroLeague.She is the second female Speaker

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