Map Locator of Corona Virus Exploited by hackers to Spread Malware : Okezone techno


SAN FRANCISCO – Map locator of the corona-virus hackers can be used to spread malware. As is known, an outbreak of the corona virus was declared a pandemic by the world health organization (WHO).

Hackers, apparently taking advantage of the world situation as it is now, quoted inews.

The population of the world can track the effects of the corona-virus from the website or the online dashboard. Ironically, hackers have the potential to be a clone of the original site or the other, claiming to be the true source.

You can still be possible for real information on a fake website. However, the website is not the official is likely to ask you to provide certain apps to install.

In fact, the website is not the official can collect user personal information in any way. The web site reported, ask users to install a rogue application in Windows.

In order to remain not a victim of the perpetrators of cyber-crime, the best way is the way of the website is not the official. Note the URL in the address bar of the browser. If the URL as a domain name, you are in the right place.