Map of coronavirus in Mexico: CDMX tripled cases, in a day recorded 124 new positive


In Mexico the number of cases of people infected by COVID-19 increased to 2,785 patients confirmed, reported the Secretariat of Health (SSa). The number of fatalities increased to 141.

The City of Mexico tripled its numbers spread, reaching 141 new positive ones in a day, you already have 723 confirmed and 1,350 suspects. Follows the State of Mexicowith another significant increase 59 new infected in just 24 hours and has 609 suspicious.

Three other states showed spikes of consideration, Baja California, with 25 new cases, Puebla 23 and Quintana Roo 20 more than the previous day.

In the graph on the distribution of confirmed cases by federative entity and by rate of cumulative incidence, it is shown that while the Mexico City and Mexico State are leading the numbers of confirmed cases, Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur are the two states with the highest incidence rate: 7.83 and 6.96 cases, respectively, per 100 thousand inhabitants.

José Luis Alomía, director general of Epidemiology, confirmed 346 new cases and 16 deaths in the last 24 hours. There are 7,526 suspected cases, 15,099 negative cases, and a total of 25,410 people studied in the national territory.

The 65 years and older is the group of people that have had to be hospitalized: exceed the number of people who only had outpatient care, according to the graphic distribution of confirmed cases by type of patient and age group. Confirms that age is a risk factor and can lead to an evolution not favorable. Of the total of patients the 73% is outpatient and 27% had to be hospitalized.

The CDMX also leads dead with 32

The lethality in the country is 5.06 cases per 100, and the number of deaths by state that have been notified until the 7th of April, reports that the fatality rate is in the Mexico citySinaloa, State of Mexico, and Quintana Roo. For every 100 thousand inhabitants it is higher in the states of Durango and Zacatecas.

The confirmed deaths according to comorbidity: hypertension 43.97%, diabetes 42.55%, obesity 38.30%, smoking 10.64%, chronic renal failure, 10.64%, lung disease, 7.80%, cardiovascular disease 7.09%, immunosuppression, 4.96%, asthma 2.14%, and HIV or AIDS with 0.00%.

Alomia asked the entire population to stay at home but specifically to those that suffer from risk factors and, to their families, that “please generate a fence guard around them through the assistance and allowing to meet the shelter house”.

He ended by confirming that the curve epidemic cumulative and the curve of incidents in the last 24 hours are maintained in an upward trend.

The Secretariat of Health reported that there are a total of 1,279,722 cases in the world. Alomia said continues to decrease slightly the proportion of the last 14 days. With 906,896 cases, or 71% of the total, confirmed in the last two weeks. Before this percentage was of 74%.

The case-fatality rate overall of 5.7% continues to increase in the last days and the percentage distribution of cases in the last 24 hours it is 46% in America and 45.1% in Europe.

In addition, the assistant secretary ruled that, due to the social distancing measures taken in the last few weeks, the public transport service will decline. “There’s No need, because it would be adverse; it would take to conglomeraran more people at bus stops and on the platforms, is not a useful measure”, the official said.

Lopez-Gatell said that in Mexico there are doctors, nurses and nurses, but not enough. “The OECD (Organization for economic Cooperation and Development (oecd) has documented that we don’t have a sufficient number of staff in ordinary conditions, especially now in an emergency like this,” he said.

The non-essential activities, including those of the federal government, are suspended until that date. All schools of all levels in the country, and a part of the private sector jobs that can work at a distance, have been suspended also work face-to-face.

Mexico is preparing to enter phase 3 of the epidemic of COVID-19, which will occur in the next three weeks, where it is expected that the increase of hiv infection and deaths.

Therefore, this Sunday, in the framework of its governance report quarterly, López Obrador announced a plan for the economic revival of the country that left unhappy about everything to the private sector.

In its strategy, the mexican head of state said that apply with more rigor the austerity republican in its government, and therefore will lower the salaries of senior public officials and will remove the bonuses from the charge of vice-principals until the President himself.

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