Map of coronavirus. State-by-state, how many cases of our country?


Every day increases the number of infections by coronaviruses in Mexicothe Secretariat of Health reported that as of the day of yesterday, Thursday, the number of deaths by Covid-19 I was 194 and 3 thousand 441 positive cases.

The states with the greatest spread of coronavirus there are six and they are led by the Mexico city 909 confirmed cases, followed by the state of Mexico with 399, leaving third place to the state of Puebla, with 198. Jalisco, Tabasco and Nuevo León have 139, 113, and 107 cases of infection by state respectively.

In some states of the republic, it was informed that in case of deaths due to infection of coronavirus, there will be an autopsy because of the high risk of contagion. States in the northeast agreed that they would meet this situation by means of the cremation of bodies under the protocol, which stipulates the IMSS in terms of the ride and handling of the bodies.

Then we’ll leave you a chart in which you’ll be able to have accurate and updated information daily on the number of transmissions of coronaviruses state-by-state:

The number of cases of coronavirus by state has been growing progressively and some of them have taken measures, such as closing beaches and unemployment non-essential activities in search of reduce the curve of the spread of the virus in the country.

In some entities, as in the case of Veracruz, residents have resorted to prohibit the entry of outsiders to their municipalitiesto avoid that hundreds of people come to its beaches to vacation on the occasion of the Holy Week.

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Health personnel of different cities of the country have been manifested by the lack of supplies and protective equipment in the hospitals, claiming that this puts them in a grave situation of risk when dealing face to face with patients with Covid-19.

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