map of open exhibitions in the city

Summer in Bologna offers this year a wide range of exhibitions to visit in the city. At the mast on Via Speranza 42, firstly, there is “Andreas Gursky. Visual Spaces of Today, the first free Italian anthology by the German master of large format photography. Like Amazon, a work created by filming a series high resolution horizontal imagesand then edited in post-production. Alienating multiplication of objects, including gloves, books, soft toys and balls, not divided into sectors, but ordered by codes. The route also includes the main Salerno, passed in the port of Campania in 1990. Gursky ushered in a new era of photographyfinally, take it to art museums. The new status is confirmed by record prices for Gursky’s work: in 2011, $4.4 million was sold at auction for Rhine II. Where german river rhine flows horizontally between flat green fields under a cloudy sky. The image was photographed with a large format camera and then digitally captured to remove some of the elements. Ground floor mast instead, you can visit “Animo, Cipputi! The history of 50 years of work in Italy in drawings Altan“. A path of 227 works, of which 201 are originals and 26 digital prints arranged in different showcases. Panels follow chronological journey litigation between people’s treaties, disputes and social achievements, backed up by the slogans of those years. To show Chipputi’s real face, four large silhouettes of which are on display.

Saffaro and Peters

At the Palazzo Fava, on Via Manzoni, focus on Lucio Saffaro, painter and mathematician with a degree in pure physics from the University of Bologna. With hundreds of his works, including paintings, graphics and books, collected at the exhibition “Journey into the unknown. Lucio Saffaro between art and science”, entry 6 euros. The itinerary includes works, almost all belonging to the Saffaro Foundation, commissioned by the artist himself in 1998, a few months before his death. A native of Trieste but a Bolognese by adoption, having moved to the city with his family when he was only 16, Saffaro explored the possibilities offered by the prospect that would take him to 1985 through the help of powerful calculators and collaboration with engineers. from Aeneas to Bologna, to develop a representation of high degree polyhedra, starting with the original double cone and double pyramid shapes. On the first floor of the Palazzo Albergati, on via Saragozza 28, “Timeless Time” offers a gallery of images taken over twenty years by German photographer Vincent Peters, in a thousand shades of black and white. At the beginning of the journey, cheerful and cheerful John Malkovich. Then many divas, from Charlize Theron to Monica Belucci, the most present at the exhibition. Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Emma Watson, Letizia Casta, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Milla Jovovich, Adriana Lima and other famous models pass by. On the male side image patrolChristian Bale, Antonio Banderas, David Beckham.

Photos and books

The Lercaro collection in Via Riva di Reno presents the “Dynamics of Balance” with poker artists who in the second half of the twentieth century characterized the Bolognese scene such as Giovanni Corompai, Antonio Mazzotti, Mario Nanni and Ivo Tartarini. In the space of the underground passage Piazza Re Enzo, a labyrinth of corridors and rooms meets the second act of “Bologna photographed”. Not only professional photographers, but also amateurs and hobbyists, build a plot that stretches from the late 1800s to the early 1990s, before the dawn of digital photography. From the unitary phase to fascism, from the Nazi occupation to the Liberation, from the “boom” to the years of protest. Until August 2, 1980 with an appendix about recent years analog photos. In the exhibition “Books and Dirt in the Flooded Romagna”, finally, in the lobby of Mambo, 21 photographs taken by Giovanni Zaffagnini, which tells about the devastating effect of the recent flooding in Romagna on books, crumpled, swollen, illegible, covered with mud. .

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