Map of the coronavirus in Mexico: suman 717 cases; CDMX, Edomex and Jalisco are the states with the most patients


The health authorities of Mexico reported Friday that there are already 717 confirmed cases of coronavirus in national territory, where they accumulate 12 deaths up to now by the condition. It is the largest growth since the COVID-19 came to the country at the end of February.

The City of Mexico and the State of Mexico totaled 27 cases each in 24 hours, while Jalisco 13 in this time period.

And that is, in 24 hours, the number grew from 132 confirmed cases and there were four more deaths with regard to Thursday. In addition, already accumulated 2,475 suspects and 3,542 negative.

57% of the confirmed cases are male and 43% are women. Of them, are the 11% who have been hospitalized and 89% outpatient. Among those who are in a hospital, the 63% is classified as stable, 30% severe and 7% had required hospitalization.

Among the people who lost their life for this disease, 83% are male and 17% are women. More than 56% of the victims were suffering from obesity. Half of the deceased, also suffered from hypertension and diabetes.

“To avoid reaching a high peak we need to stay at home and look after the elderly” reiterated Victor Hugo Borja, director of medical services of the Institute of Social Security (IMSS). “If you achatará the curve (of infections) will depend on the severity of the cases as they arise and the load of the services of health”, he added.

“In Spain and Italy, are the oldest populations in Mexico, it is of advantage that we are a younger population. The disadvantage is that the number of inhabitants per household is higher here, we have extended families, the most important thing for that is to continue with the social distancing”, said the official.

The health authorities also confirmed that the test for the coronavirus will apply to all serious cases and deaths that are considered suspicious. “Only apply the tests to the 10% of cases ambulatory”indicated.

“If you increase the severe cases, will increase the number of tests, it is unnecessary to take more samples than we are”, they noted.

In addition, they indicated that five people infected with the coronavirus in the IMSS: most of them associated with different trips abroad and “a member of the health care personnel who were infected caring for a patient confirmed in his private practice”.

“It’s going to match with the phase 3, then we must fully assess how the epidemic in the country,” he pointed out.

Also, they added that it is not expected that the pandemic coronavirus impacts at the same time in all the mexican territory. “First happen in the large cities and metropolitan areas and then in other areas,” he came forward, putting the example of the contingency by influenza in 2009.

“In that time, we had a large peak in Mexico City, but not at the same time that Yucatan, that came after, and the rest of the country at the end of the year. It is not expected that the whole country is ‘a pledge’, as in Europe not caught on at the same time in all countries”, described.

And is that Mexico entered Tuesday on stage 2 of the epidemicwith that toughened the measures of mitigation, prevention, and Healthy Distance with those who had already started a couple of weeks ago, on the eve of this change.

In addition, the federal government suspended from this Thursday, your activitieswith the exception of essential items, such as security, health, energy and cleaning services.

In addition, the deputy minister of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, indicated that since the entry of the phase 2 requested to all the companies and organizations that a moratorium on all the work involving the mobilization of people from home to the work sites for those who are able to work remotely.

“If not, to organize rounds of work, guard duty or alternate schedules so that fewer people are enlisting each day and the number of people in the offices is less,” he said.

With the closure of the federal government, virtually all the activity of the three powers of the state shall be suspended, though not their essential activities. This is because the Congressboth the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, and the Judiciary Supreme Courtthe Council of the Federal Judiciary and the Electoral Tribunal, suspended its sessions until further notice by the coronavirus.

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